Old And New Contents for Your eZines & Newsletter

Written by Robert Wardrick

Do you struggle to findrepparttar fresh new content for your ezines and newsletters?

Many of us join online Article Announcement Lists, where hundreds of great articles are posted weekly. However, those articles quickly become "Shareware" among fellow publishers.

Here are some tips to help make your next issues easier, faster and maybe even fun!

First, setup content folders (Business/Travel/Books/ Food/Etc.

As articles are announced cut and paste then all inrepparttar 124355 appropriate folder for future use.

--Publish The Old With The New--

When publishing under a theme, old shareware and new content can compliment each other.

Sample Theme: "Marketing Though The Media"

The Non-Definitive List of E-zine Directories

Written by Martin Avis

This article is written for anybody who reads, publishes or plans to publish and e-zine or newsletter.

Whenever I read aboutrepparttar best ways to promote an online newsletter, listing in e-zine directories is always mentioned as one of those 'no-brainer' things that every publisher should automatically do.

So I figured, why not? Everyone else seems to be doing it, I'd better dorepparttar 124354 same.

Not so easy. Inrepparttar 124355 first place, try looking up 'ezine directories' on google. I got 1690 results. A lot of those results turned out not to be a directory, but a list of other directories. The list seemed endless.

Inrepparttar 124356 second place, most ofrepparttar 124357 lists of directories I found turned out to be hopelessly out of date.

So I decided to build my own list of e-zine directories

As I started followingrepparttar 124358 links I hit up against one ofrepparttar 124359 worst aspects ofrepparttar 124360 Internet. Here is a list ofrepparttar 124361 14 principle reasons why so many ofrepparttar 124362 links turned out to be useless:

1. Site no longer exists 2. Site appears to exist, but content is all pre 1998 3. Site appears to be running, but many links are dead 4. Message says 'Site no longer maintained.' 5. Site so badly designed, navigation impossible 6. Site caused my eyes to bleed (figuratively!) 7. Site bombarded me with multiple pop-ups 8. Site not relevant (no e-zine list) 9. Site appeared to be a scam 10. Site redirected to a different URL 11. Payment required to list e-zine 12. Site offered no explanation, name or logo 13. Site no longer accepting submissions 14. Site 'under construction.'

According to my 'History' file, I have visited over 800 sites inrepparttar 124363 past 3 days. My back hurts, my eyes hurt and my brain has turned to jelly. But I think that I have done it!

All told, I have boiled these 800 'possibles' down to a list of 33 e-zine directory sites that all work, and all accept submissions. That list can be freely accessed onrepparttar 124364 BizE-zine web site at

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