Okay Monkey Put Down The Fruit and Raise Your Arms

Written by S N James

“I’ll get you, ya varmin”! Vermin -repparttar scourge, tramps & vagabonds ofrepparttar 110074 animal kingdom. This isrepparttar 110075 stereotypical view of vermin who are inconsequently considered a menace. In South Africa (SA) vermin paints a more disturbing picture. It is not overly well known ofrepparttar 110076 disgraceful neglectrepparttar 110077 endangered wildlife have inrepparttar 110078 3rd largest biosphere. I was shockingly made aware of this during a recent trip torepparttar 110079 country.

The reason forrepparttar 110080 trip was to volunteer inrepparttar 110081 rehabilitation ofrepparttar 110082 vervet monkey, indigenous to SA. This small, black faced, green skinned primate is one of such “problem animals” who are disregarded by authorities, despiterepparttar 110083 fact that it is listed as endangered.

I had no clue what a vervet was or aware ofrepparttar 110084 vermin tag and what it meant when I had arrived. Rehabilitatingrepparttar 110085 vervet was one ofrepparttar 110086 possible rabbits picked out ofrepparttar 110087 hat, my aim was purely volunteering and to see if I could make a difference.

Killing for food, for survival or even to protect your livelihood would be natural. This would seem to be a valid reason, but what ifrepparttar 110088 information available portrays a distorted and inaccurate image. Coupled withrepparttar 110089 typical view that comes with this classification, could other motives be involved or just making an opportunity from it? Considerrepparttar 110090 Matapatcha affair. It is an organisation that deals inrepparttar 110091 supply of monkeys to labs. One of their clients is one that conducted activities within a government owned nature reserve. Despite if there is or not a connection, there are organisations who will with no ethics exploit these animals for their own personal gain. Or even to justifyrepparttar 110092 killing of them.

The vermin laws in SA allow you to kill any “problem animal” without any consequential criminal charges. For example,repparttar 110093 underlying reason for farmers inrepparttar 110094 agricultural industry for murdering these animals isrepparttar 110095 belief that they damage their crops and thus their income. Arthur Hunt ofrepparttar 110096 Vervet Monkey Foundation has closely studiedrepparttar 110097 vervet monkey for nearly two decades and dedicated for life to learning further. Part of his research has been whether they do cause damage to crops. Accompanied byrepparttar 110098 farmer in nearly every case visited Mr Hunt had shown with his acquired knowledge thatrepparttar 110099 monkey doesn’t damage their crops.


Written by Terry Dashner


Terry Dashner……………………..Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Capitol Reader Political Book Summaries writes, “In Collapse, Jared Diamond argues that present global resource consumption trends are not sustainable. Throughout history, civilizations have collapsed or declined, in no small measure, because their populations have underminedrepparttar ecological niches upon which their existence depends. Diamond believes that a complex set of factors, such as environmental resilience (or fragility), social flexibility, larger global trends and even pure luck, combine in unpredictable ways to influence whether societies fail or succeed.”

I have a point of contention withrepparttar 110073 stated summary. But first, let me tell you something about Jared Diamond. Diamond is brilliant and tends to seerepparttar 110074 greater picture of things by studyingrepparttar 110075 significance ofrepparttar 110076 small things. His book, Guns, Germs, and Steel was a very rich read. It’s amazing how unseen germs, industrialized steel, and other small things shaped world history.

Diamond teaches geography atrepparttar 110077 University of California and isrepparttar 110078 Pulitzer Prize winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel. (It seems that others thoughtrepparttar 110079 book was good also.) He is one ofrepparttar 110080 most distinguished experts inrepparttar 110081 field of evolutionary biology. He has written more than 200 articles for magazines such as Discover, Nature and Geo, and his work has proven highly influential in informing public discourse on a range of environmental and social issues. He is a smart, very smart guy.

Now back to my point of contention. Let me start by stating a disclaimer. I’m far from qualified to match wits or backgrounds with Diamond. I resistrepparttar 110082 temptation to flatter myself in thinking that I could add or take away anything Professor Diamond states in his well written book. Nevertheless, I would be remiss to neglect in telling you something that Diamond and other highly educated men and women oftentimes overlook when it comes to telling a story on how things came to be. I refuse to believe that “pure luck” is equal to science and technology in either augmenting or whithering civilizations. I refuse to accept this.

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