Oh, No! It's My Turn--Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Successful Fund Raising.

Written by Larry Denton

Oh, no! Yep, this year it's your turn to conceive, organize, recruit volunteers, and administer your organization's biggest fund raiser. Every year fund raising ideas help thousands of communities across America raise millions of dollars for schools, sports teams, fraternal organizations, Scouting programs, charitable organizations and churches. Fund raising projects span a wide range, from selling lollipops and candy bars to donkey basketball and kissingrepparttar pig contests. Coming up with profitable fund raisers can be a tough process.

Do not lose sight ofrepparttar 105704 two primary goals of fund raisers: to make money for your organization and to have FUN. Many people, both young and old, grow weary of fund raising projects and simply give up. Do not consider this option! Find a fund raiser that will not only make a profit, but will also excite and stimulaterepparttar 105705 volunteers or participants. Build in fun goals, offer fun incentives, take and display oodles of pictures (everybody likes to see their picture), and plan fun wrap-up activities--a barbecue, touch football game, Frisbee golf, swimming party, etc.

Fund raising projects can essentially be broken down into two broad categories: brochure fund raisers, and direct sale fund raisers. Brochure fund raisers are relatively profitable, fairly simple to organize, and almost risk-free since you do not have to purchase any products for resale. You can offer a vast array of products (from Christmas wrap and tulip bulbs, to magazine subscriptions and CDs) via color brochures to your family, friends, neighbors and business associates. It's also recommended that fund raisers offer their brochures inrepparttar 105706 general business community.

The Fact About Newspapers Advertising

Written by David Bell

Newspapers advertising is an age- old advertising medium that has been used for literally a hundred years. This method is still one ofrepparttar most under-rated methods of earning a big income in today's economy. Newspapers advertising is a well proved medium if you know what you are doing.

It is extremely easy to place ads (once you knowrepparttar 105703 right source), andrepparttar 105704 income potential is truly enormous. Did you know that if you earned a mere $5 profit with just one newspaper ad, then you could made yourself a Fortune!

Newspapers advertising can be very profitable. Let's say you're selling an information product which costs a total of $5 both to produce and to ship torepparttar 105705 customer. Let's further assume thatrepparttar 105706 ad costs $25. Your total expense is $30. If your ad brings in $35, then you have just made a small $5 profit! Not impressed? How is this a "fortune"? Assuming you make that same kind of profit in similar newspapers,repparttar 105707 "power of multiplication" will EXPLODE your profits! Place that same $25 ad in just 10 newspapers, and your profit is $50. Place it in 100 newspapers, and your profit is $500. 1000 newspapers means $5000.Are you beginning to seerepparttar 105708 POWER of multiplication? If you can place 1000 ads per week, your income could hit $20,000 per month, or $240,000 per YEAR! This is NOT a secret. THOUSANDS of people are utilizing this power each and every day! If YOU have a product that you can sell by placing simple ads, then YOU should be usingrepparttar 105709 Power of Multiplication right NOW!

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