Offline Promotion Matters Too

Written by Elena Fawkner

With allrepparttar talk ofrepparttar 124470 importance of search engine positioning, online directories, keyword metatags and publishing your own ezine, you might be forgiven for thinking thatrepparttar 124471 online world is repparttar 124472 only one that matters when it comes to promoting your online business. Only occasionally will you see something like "and don't forget about offline promotion too".

Why do I need to engage in offline promotion when I'm promoting an online business? The reason is simple. The concept of a paperless office is all very well, but your potential customers live in an offline world. To get their attention, you need to reach them where they live. Here's how:


Every item of stationery that leaves your office is an opportunity to promote your website. Make sure your website address (URL) appears on every single piece of stationery including:

=> business cards => letterheads => envelopes => address labels => fax cover sheets => checks => invoices => receipts, and => reorder forms.


Tangible promotional items that people see or use every day are a great way of keeping your name in front of your customers and prospective customers. Make sure your URL appears prominently and it will be a constant reminder to visit your website.

Promotional items that lend themselves well to this concept include:

=> coffee mugs => paper weights => pens => t-shirts => calendars => key chains => magnets => bumper stickers, and => car license plate frames.


Printed materials are a great way to generate (especially) repeat business when included with product orders. After all, your existing customers are already predisposed to deal with you so make sure you takerepparttar 124473 opportunity to promote your entire line of products and/or services to give them a reason to return. Here's a few ways:

=> Coupons

Coupons are great to use as incentives for future purchases. Offer a range of coupons including percentage off orders (for example, "10% off your next order of $20 or more"), free shipping or free items (for example, "buy one, get one free" type offers).

Coupons can also be used to generate new business by making them freely available aroundrepparttar 124474 traps. For example, if your business is educational software, make arrangements to have a supply of "30 day free trial" coupons made available at your local school.

=> Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are good because they allow your customer to share their discovery of your products and services with friends, family and colleagues. To be effective, especially in connection with services, a gift certificate needs to have a tangible dollar value torepparttar 124475 recipient rather than merely offering to redeemrepparttar 124476 certificate for a particular service. This is becauserepparttar 124477 referral customer probably has no conception ofrepparttar 124478 dollar value of your service. The potential customer can, however, readily appreciaterepparttar 124479 value of a "$30 toward your purchase of $60 or more" gift certificate.

=> Product Sheets

Product sheets are a way for you to make your existing customer aware of what *other* products and services you offer in addition to those they have recently purchased. This need not be any more elaborate than a one page price list but it can be as extravagant as a glossy product page replete with photos if your budget permits.

=> Brochures

Brochures are an effective way to create a professional image and promote your products and services atrepparttar 124480 same time. Give them to prospective customers for a quick overview of your business and to give them a reason to visit your website for more information.

Distribute your brochure whenever you getrepparttar 124481 chance: carry them with you wherever you go and hand them out whenever you hand out your business card. Mail your brochure to current clients to inform them of additional products and services that they may be unaware you offer and to prospective clients sourced from rented mailing lists.

How To Get FREE Media Publicity With Your Short Announcement

Written by Kevin Nunley

Every day radio, TV, newspapers, and ezines give away millions of dollars in FREE publicity. There is nothing like waking up inrepparttar morning torepparttar 124469 sound of your favorite radio announcer enthusiastically recommending your product, service, or idea. Your good reputation can spread far and fast, virtually over night.

Usually businesses send out press releases to get their news to editors. But there is something many editors like even more: a media announcement.

Media announcements are short. They usually have a headline, a paragraph or two with more details, and contact information. That's it.

Here is an example:



Marty and Melda,repparttar 124470 stars ofrepparttar 124471 hit movie "Kids Alone" will appear at Rotworth Cookies, 1010 State in Centerville, to explain why they insisted on Rotworth Cookies forrepparttar 124472 movie. The treats are prominently featured in a key scene and are essential torepparttar 124473 film's plot.

Date: Saturday March 3. Time: 10 AM

Contact: Roger Smith, Rotworth Cookies 555-1213


Try your hand writing your own media announcement. You can use my media announcement creator at Simply enter your contact info and a few sentences about your business and--presto--your announcement is created and emailed to you.

Editors likerepparttar 124474 short, simple, easy-to-grasp format. When you've got 100 press releases crossing your desk, a QUICK message is always welcome.

Use your headline and paragraph to focus onrepparttar 124475 "juicy" part, as I like to call it. Inrepparttar 124476 example, stars from a hit movie appearing locally wasrepparttar 124477 juicy part. It'srepparttar 124478 hook that an editor knows will interest many people in their audience.

That last point isrepparttar 124479 key to getting press. It's not what YOU feel is important, it's whatrepparttar 124480 EDITOR thinks her audience is interested in that counts.

Most media people instinctively believe they can interestrepparttar 124481 audience in only a few stories at a time. They know their best bet is to connect new stories to topics that already haverepparttar 124482 public's attention.

Look for ways to connect your story with topicsrepparttar 124483 media covers frequently. Media love celebrities, scandals, community improvement, and politics. They love science and technology stories when they pertain to our health or scare people (I know, it's a cynical point, but a key factor, especially in TV news programming).

Media especially like local angles on a national or international story. If Congress is about to pass a controversial law affecting cookie production, Rotworth Cookies can get local coverage by explaining howrepparttar 124484 law will impact its many employees, all who are local citizens known by many inrepparttar 124485 audience.

All media like controversy, but talk radio likes it most. One smart radio programmer once told me "if talk radio doesn't have controversy, it's dead." TV likes events that are visual. That's why you seerepparttar 124486 mayor opening a new store with a GIANT key orrepparttar 124487 CEO of a business giving a GIANT check to a charity. Newspapers deal more with ideas and what people said. Make sure you have some interesting, colorful, or pithy comments ready forrepparttar 124488 reporter that calls.

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