Offline Advertising for Online Companies

Written by Michele Borowsky

The goal of any business should be to reachrepparttar most amount of people possible withrepparttar 124430 right message atrepparttar 124431 right time and forrepparttar 124432 right reason. Many people with online companies are missing out completely when all they do is networking, search engine optimization, and some scattered direct mail to small amounts of people.

The majority of consumable dollars, by a very wide margin, are spent offline. The majority of people are spending more than 20 hours per week watching television. The majority of people also spend more than 10 hours per week listening torepparttar 124433 radio.

Have you ever heard of companies like eBay, Travelocity, Priceline, or Monster? Sure you have. You may think thatrepparttar 124434 online environment is where you’ve heard about them. Sorry, you and everyone else are aware of these names due to offline advertising and marketing.

Even though your business is much smaller than these, you need to look into and take advantage of offline opportunities. It does not matter what category of business you are in…. you could be in network marketing, business services, giftware, or whatever. Your company can and should benefit from using offline surface exposure media.

How To Effectively Use Offline Advertising To Build Your Online Business

Written by Jeff Schuman

"How To Effectively Use Offline Advertising To Build Your Online Business" Written By Jeff Schuman © 2004

First of all let me say that having spentrepparttar past 20 years working closely with small businesses I know exactly what works when it comes to offline advertising.

What I have found today is that online businesses have a built in advantage when it comes to promoting their business offline. You already have a website and autoresponder in place to lead your prospect to. When you combine that fact along withrepparttar 124429 traditional capture methods of telephone and snail mail there is no reason any online business can't use offline methods to build their businesses and sell their products and services.

A lot of online based businesses forget about offline advertising. I know I have. It is important to combine offline and online advertising together in your marketing campaign. This will give you to a more well rounded approach to promoting as well as attract potential prospects and customers you might not otherwise get.

In all your offline advertising you want to include your web site address, e-mail or autoresponder addresses, and your phone number and mailing address. This gives yourepparttar 124430 appearance of a real bonafide business.

Another thing is to start selling products for manufacturers who offer co-op advertising for promoting their products. You can read a little more about this technique in an article I wrote titled "Why Are You Wasting Free Advertising Money?"

Finally you need to view offline marketing as a long term committment. I've seen businesses over and over run and ad not getrepparttar 124431 response they were looking for and quit.

This will not work offline. Or online for that matter. You need to establish a budget and stick to it. That doesn't mean that you can't changerepparttar 124432 ad copy if your response is marginal. It just means if you are going to run classified ads for example that you run them for a period of time and allow them to do their job.

Here are 10 offline marketing ideas. Use as many of these as possible to move your business forward.

-Classified Newspaper Ads- Place classified ads in newspapers. Local newspapers often have great advertising rates that you can take advantage of to promote your business. Here's a great source for running classified ads.

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