Office Nomance

Written by Sean Williams

Are Office Romance’s really that bad? The answer is … depends onrepparttar individual. The key to success in an office romance is acceptingrepparttar 141668 reality ofrepparttar 141669 situation. Some relationship experts say if you engage in this type of relationship, you should keep it onrepparttar 141670 hush hush and keep it professional. In a utopian office environment that might work but when emotions are involved, people tend to stray from such principles. So, I say accept fromrepparttar 141671 get go if you become intimate with each other that it will leak out torepparttar 141672 corporate environment;repparttar 141673 corporate eyes are omnipotent and eventually gossip and rumors will spread quicker than wildfire. For example, at my job, a female co-worker who had recently broken up with a fellow co-worker revealed to me his inadequacies inrepparttar 141674 bedroom and how he wasrepparttar 141675 biggest loser she had ever dated. Now, if she told me this personal information and we were just associates, imagine who else she told at our organization.

For the Couple that Has Everything...

Written by Bob Bassett

Are you torn betweenrepparttar toaster oven andrepparttar 141607 coffee maker? Can't findrepparttar 141608 happy couple on a registry anywhere? A wedding gift basket is a perfect choice for newlyweds. What could be more romantic than champagne and truffles in a honeymoon suite?

Some wedding gift baskets may contain keepsakes forrepparttar 141609 couple such as photo boxes, wine glasses, or other small items. Don't limit your choice to selections advertised as wedding gift baskets, though. A large fruit basket, a gourmet basket full of crackers, cheeses, wine, and smoked meats, or a basket of chocolates and wine can all be fantastic selections thatrepparttar 141610 couple will appreciate.

Some romantic ideas for wedding gift baskets include a gift basket with allrepparttar 141611 ingredients for an Italian dinner for two thatrepparttar 141612 couple could make together, a picnic basket complete with dinnerware and a selection of gourmet treats, or a coffee gift basket full of flavored coffee and baked goods for a romantic honeymoon breakfast.

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