Of Drugs and Youth

Written by Billy I Ahmed

Today,repparttar problem of drug abuse amongrepparttar 132436 youth has assumed a greater significance and heightened concern in various socio-cultural and economic strata. Though no accurate figures are available to measurerepparttar 132437 actual extent ofrepparttar 132438 problem, drug addicts reporting to counseling inrepparttar 132439 country points out thatrepparttar 132440 problem has spread among various age groups, and much among youths aged 16 to 25 years.

The age group in which a youth is, signifiesrepparttar 132441 transformation of an adolescent to a young person, which usually is accompanied withrepparttar 132442 trials and tribulations of a 'child' in becoming a 'grown-up'. A bundle of exuberant but undirected energy, he derives pleasure in taking risks and experimenting with new things. He craves to tasterepparttar 132443 'forbidden fruits' in his quest for attaining recognition and status amongst his peers. Such a behaviour often brings him in open or concealed conflict with his parents and 'parent figures' which leads torepparttar 132444 much discussed 'conflict of generations' and 'generation gap'. The situation has been further complicated due torepparttar 132445 fast paced social transformation brought inrepparttar 132446 society by rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and rural-urban migration. It has erodedrepparttar 132447 traditional, informal, social control mechanisms and has even brought in changes inrepparttar 132448 structure ofrepparttar 132449 family, from joint to nuclear, or at best an extended family.

The 'media explosion' has shrunkenrepparttar 132450 world, especially forrepparttar 132451 youth, and they are now more aware of things around. This has also raised their level of aspiration and ambition. With materialism, consumerism and individualism gaining ascendancy, modern youth is drifting away from his traditional roots and finds it difficult to cope with ever increasing social pressures. Further,repparttar 132452 increasing economic pressures compel more and more parents to take full time employment leaving a child, more so a youth, alone inrepparttar 132453 house or inrepparttar 132454 company of friends. With no adequate programmes available to keep them busy, they become easy prey to anti-social activities including drug-abuse.

There may be various reasons for a youth to take to drug abuse, from just curiosity and a tendency to experiment with. It may be an expression of his revolt against established authority, a way of gaining recognition in his group or he may just not be able to say 'NO', when offered.

Therefore awareness creation or preventive education programme for youth is an imperative. In build up immunity amongst them, would promote self-respect and determination, provide experiences which encourage self-respect and sense of dignity, enhances personal and social skill which are necessary for functioning in a rapidly transforming society and provide for professional skills.

5 Ways To Determine Your Aging Loved Ones’ Living Status

Written by Gina Saxton, RN

5 Ways To Determine Your Aging Loved Ones’ Living Status Taking Notice During Family Holiday Gatherings Can Prevent a Crisis Later On By Gina Saxton, RN

We live in a very mobile society where families don’t always live inrepparttar same town or even state for that matter. Unlikerepparttar 132434 “old days”, entire families throughout America don’t haverepparttar 132435 opportunity to come together every week for a Saturday BBQ or Sunday dinner. Which is whyrepparttar 132436 upcoming holiday season is such a busy travel time - families still cherish togetherness andrepparttar 132437 holiday season is oftenrepparttar 132438 only time ofrepparttar 132439 year they can do so.

It is not uncommon forrepparttar 132440 adult children of seniors to have some concerns about how their parents are doing. This year while you’re enjoyingrepparttar 132441 companionship of your family and catching up on lost time, make good use of your visit to review your aging parents’ and loved ones’ living status.

Many holiday traditions tempt your five senses. These five senses can also be used to evaluaterepparttar 132442 status of elderly family members. Families often overlook a variety of warning signs such as forgetfulness, lack of house cleaning or a decrease in physical appearance by writing them off to “old age”. Below is a checklist using each of your five senses that lists key indicators or warning signs to help determine if your family members are in need of additional care or assistance:

SIGHT - Looking atrepparttar 132443 senior’s appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing otherwise normal daily tasks. Are they wearing clothing with food stains? Is their hair completely combed?

Do their teeth appear clean?

Does she continue to wear makeup?

How do their shoes look?

Isrepparttar 132444 house orderly and clean?

SOUND – Listening to what and how seniors speak can tell you a lot about their current mental status. Don’t assume that “old age” is causing these problems; doing so can sometimes cause their mental state to decrease further. Do they call you by name?

Are they speaking normally?

Are they up onrepparttar 132445 news?

Have they continued their outside activities?

Do they have future plans or goals?

If not, could they be depressed?

SMELL – Using your nose as an indicator can help you determine if your family member is bathing properly, participating in otherwise normal activities (cleaning their house), or whether or not they are eating regularly (if they have spoiled food in their kitchen).

Does their living environment possess any unpleasant odors?

Doesrepparttar 132446 refrigerator or cupboards smell?

Arerepparttar 132447 plants thriving?

Is there an unusual amount of garbage, clutter, dust, or dirt?

TASTE – Tasting their food and sorting through their medications can help you determine if they are eating healthy or even worse, taking expired medicine.

Do they have fresh and stocked pantry items?

Look atrepparttar 132448 expiration dates. How doesrepparttar 132449 food taste?

Doesrepparttar 132450 person appear to move aroundrepparttar 132451 kitchen safely?

Are there many different prescriptions?

Dorepparttar 132452 medications come from different doctors or pharmacies?

What aboutrepparttar 132453 expiration dates onrepparttar 132454 medications?

TOUCH – A simple hug could tell you that your family member is fragile, losing weight and putting him or herself in jeopardy of injury or even malnourishment from not eating properly.

Do they appear healthy?

Touch their skin - is it soft, supple and isrepparttar 132455 color normal?

Do they have unusual tearing or bruising ofrepparttar 132456 skin?

Are they losing weight?

How are their sight, hearing and taste? If you sense a problem based onrepparttar 132457 above indictors, you and other family members should waste no time in takingrepparttar 132458 appropriate next steps. As difficult asrepparttar 132459 process might be, keep reminding yourself that by being proactive, as a result of your observations, you will not only provide safety for your family member, but will also keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

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