Ode to a thinker

Written by Sumra

Ode to a Thinker: * Thinker Iíve seen it before so donít say I haven't...........I will not, I will not.....do you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste that Thinker?...I smell it, I hear it, I taste it, I feel it, but I do not see it.... Oh Thinkerrepparttar playfulness,repparttar 146078 smell,repparttar 146079 grass,repparttar 146080 running...... It plays in grass, it smells of grass, it feels like grass and I see it....... Thinker what do you see that I can not?........ two blue pools, a field of wheat, a brown egg, an autumn leaf, you seerepparttar 146081 opposite... Tinker dose it fly whenrepparttar 146082 wings are off?...... it will move and it will eat and it will have no flight with out wings but it will find flight in sleep.......Thinker what are you thinking now.....My memory betrays me, and will betray you as well, our words spin round our lifeís sine, around it hitsrepparttar 146083 same things again and again .........Thinker, Iíve seen it before so donít say I havenít.......I will not, I will not....... do you hold it with in you, do you hold it in your

"How You Can Find Freelance Childrenís Writing Positions That Will Last"

Written by Niall Cinneide

Freelance childrenís writing positions are always advertised. Rather,repparttar schooling to learn how to write for these jobs is advertised. But, there is often a large lack of employment vacancies actually available. Many of these companies offering to train individuals in these positions claim that there are quite a few companies offering employment or that will publish their work. In fact, it is up torepparttar 146023 individual to find these positions themselves, and as it turns out, it is very difficult to get published. So, whenrepparttar 146024 opportunity for freelance childrenís writing positions becomes available, it is essential that good care be taken to ensure thatrepparttar 146025 relationship lasts.

As inrepparttar 146026 example above, many times jobs like this are just too good to be true. But, that does not mean that careers in this field have to be hard to find. First off, providing yourself with a good education isrepparttar 146027 most important aspect. Givingrepparttar 146028 companies who contract you for employment excellent work will providerepparttar 146029 most benefits to both parties. They get what they want and find a good writer in you. Building these strong foundations is what is going to make you successful. It is extremely important that you follow directions and communicate well with your client. Insure you know just what they need, how they want it done, and any other expectations they have.

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