Obvious often means overlooked

Written by by Kurt St. Angelo

by Kurt St. Angelo Libertarian Writers' Bureau http://www.writersbureau.org

My favorite childhood story was about a herd of hippos that played hide n' seek. The baby hippo's best hiding place was on a ledge just above though in plain view of repparttar herd's elders, who never foundrepparttar 125867 baby because they never looked up. Obvious often means overlooked.

And so it is with jail overcrowding inrepparttar 125868 Circle City. County jails lack space for everyone who's been arrested. Last year there were almost 2,000 emergency releases to free space.

Led by a group of mostly Republicans, including Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and Superior Court judges Cale Bradford and William Young, there 's a move to greatly expandrepparttar 125869 county's criminal justice budget, build another jail facility, expand or build a new juvenile center, elect more judges, and if they get their way build a brand new criminal-justice center with even more capacity to turn suspects into government prospects.

The more prospects they can harness and herd,repparttar 125870 more money taxpayers will give them.

Anyone who has watched Brizzi, Bradford or Young recently on Indianapolis television knows how callous they are towardrepparttar 125871 accused. Young, who presides overrepparttar 125872 county's drug court, saysrepparttar 125873 defendants are from 'a sludge pool." By his own count, he has personally released at least six people who have then murdered others.

Presiding Superior Court Judge Bradford chairsrepparttar 125874 Marion County Criminal Justice Planning Council, which also includes Brizzi and Mayor Bart Peterson. The Council is preparing an expensive criminal justice wish list to present torepparttar 125875 City-County Council. At its January meeting, Bradford noted thatrepparttar 125876 county's newest jail facility, built in 1997 to handlerepparttar 125877 main jail's overcrowding, was itself overcrowded.

This latest situation showsrepparttar 125878 obvious, which again won't be discussed atrepparttar 125879 next planning council meeting that a new jail is notrepparttar 125880 solution torepparttar 125881 latest bout of jail overcrowding. As experience shows us, a new jail will only be a standing invitation for politicians and judges to fill it.

Money is notrepparttar 125882 solution, either. Since 2001,repparttar 125883 county's criminal justice budget has almost single-handedly been responsible forrepparttar 125884 county's whopping 40 percent budget increase, from $126 million to $176 million.

Moazzam Begg - Guantanamo Bay

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Channel 4 ( UK )paid Moazzam Begg an undisclosed sum to attend an interview to discuss his imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay which was aired at 7pm on 24th February 2004. Begg, one of nine British men who were held atrepparttar military camp in Cuba, was released on 25th January 2005 along with Feroz Abbasi, Martin Mubanga and Richard Belmar. Five others were released in March.

Moazzam Begg from Sparkbrook has admitted that he did attend training camps in Afghanistan in 2001 in order to teach as a charity worker at a school. However, this was notrepparttar 125866 first time that Begg had travelled abroad to war torn hot spots. He has openly admitted to supportingrepparttar 125867 Chechnyan rebels which might raise some eyebrows and memories of Beslan.

Begg was seized in September 2001 byrepparttar 125868 CIA. Whilst captive at Guantanamo Bay he signed a statement admitting to financial payments with possible connections to Al-Qaeda. His family claim that this is a case of mistaken identity. This statement could have been signed under duress. No access to legal representatives was allowed byrepparttar 125869 US authorities who regardrepparttar 125870 prisoners as detainees of a war against terrorism and therefore outsiderepparttar 125871 jurisdiction of normal USA law and rights.

After his arrest in Islamabad Begg was held at Bagram Airbase for about a year before his transfer to Guantanamo Bay where Begg claims he was treated badly and witnessed torture and two possible deaths whilst in captivity. Claims that he was tied up, a sack placed over his head and then kicked and beaten were made allrepparttar 125872 more confusing by his statement claiming thatrepparttar 125873 US did not actually torture him personally.

This story raises a number of important issues. Firstly, Begg was already under surveillance and attractingrepparttar 125874 attention ofrepparttar 125875 British Government as early as 1998. He was arrested in 2000 under British anti-terrorism laws during a raid on his Islamic Bookshop in Birmingham. Moazzam Begg, by his own admission has met several extremist muslim clerics such as Abu Hamza, cheeleader for Osama bin Laden. Begg was quick to point out that he did not necessarily agree with all their views but was not specific and neither did he deny that he had instigated a meeting with them.

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