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A popular political party that rose to tremendous power inrepparttar 20th century,repparttar 149854 Republican party redefinedrepparttar 149855 nation's political agenda and dramatically reshapedrepparttar 149856 role of government inrepparttar 149857 private lives of its citizens.

The resilience ofrepparttar 149858 party was observed throughout such morally testing times asrepparttar 149859 Nixon resignation andrepparttar 149860 Iran-Contra affair hearings. The party was symbolized by an elephant and possessedrepparttar 149861 animal-like quality of stubbornness that was often imitated but never duplicated.

Placing an inordinate amount of "political capital" in an oft repeated but rarely defined term known as "values,"repparttar 149862 contradiction betweenrepparttar 149863 party's actions and its rhetoric onrepparttar 149864 subject ultimately lead to its demise. The beginning ofrepparttar 149865 end started on November 7th, 2000 with a great revolutionary crisis that eventually causedrepparttar 149866 party to wind up onrepparttar 149867 ash heap of history.

The party is survived by 62,040,610 bewildered citizens. Eventually those that supportedrepparttar 149868 party came to learn of its great hypocrisy and strict adherence to its single tenet of profit and power before country.

The beginnings ofrepparttar 149869 schism which ultimately lead to an unrepairable fracture ofrepparttar 149870 party was fostered byrepparttar 149871 group's recruitment of corporations andrepparttar 149872 religious right, who's competing interests and dogmas were too diametrically opposed for a public ultimately concerned with political pragmatism. The final shot torepparttar 149873 great political beast was administered byrepparttar 149874 ideologue and capitalist President George W. Bush, who embodied whatrepparttar 149875 party had morphed into, from a pragmatic and benevolent organization intorepparttar 149876 world's biggest corporate and religious special interest group.

Bush, while leadingrepparttar 149877 party towardsrepparttar 149878 "ash heap," never came to realize that his wanton lust for power and profit would never allow his moral motivations to be ratified. Some claim that this internal tug-of-war was created by Bush's political master, Karl Rove, conclusions cannot be easily drawn except to say that Rove's obvious Machiavellian machinations lead a majority ofrepparttar 149879 public to questionrepparttar 149880 validity of their initial judgement thatrepparttar 149881 party and its leaders were trustworthy. In fact, while many ofrepparttar 149882 religious right claimed that there did indeed exist a morally unambiguous truth, their observations ofrepparttar 149883 Bush administration andrepparttar 149884 Republican party lead them to believe that truth asrepparttar 149885 party observed it was malleable and justice would only be dished out to those who dare questionrepparttar 149886 right ofrepparttar 149887 ruler to rule.


Written by Arthur Zulu

Oxygen and terror. Rarely do sentences contain such oddities. Except they were written with blue pencils. But wait a moment. Few things have stimulated interest in this world as those strange bed fellows. Yet it appears that we have more mismatches these days than compatibles. (Like America and France in G-8.)

Now considerrepparttar similarity between oxygen and terror.

First, they have provided an endless field of study and research forrepparttar 149853 brains. A study of oxygen will take you to oxides, combustion, oxidation, acidation, respiration, and organic matter at elementary level; and climatology, mineralogy, metallurgy, oceanography, military warfare, sub-marine technology, and astronomy at advanced level. (Is there water in Pluto?)

When you begin a study of terror, you will need to know about bio-terrorism, nuclear terrorism, agro-terrorism, eco-terrorism, cyber-terrorism, chemical terrorism, and radiological terrorism. But this is a beginner’s class.

For dissertation, you have to find outrepparttar 149854 secret of making, deploying, and detonating a nuke; financing and movement of terrorist funds; decoding terrorist signals; how to plan and execute a successful attack; turning crude weapons to killer giants; identifying and catching a terrorist; how to fool security men; survival in caves and caverns; andrepparttar 149855 best way to stop terrorism. (Is it not by sacking sovereign states?)

The next common thing about them is their superabundance. Oxygen,repparttar 149856 most abundant of all elements, gives life to all living things and combines with other elements to make life possible on this earth. No wonder it is called vital air. (Priestly who isolated it named it dephlogisticated air.)

Terror, however, is present in another way. It destroys all living and non-living things. (They call itrepparttar 149857 beast.) The contrast then is that while one dephlogisticates—relieves inflammation—the other causes it. While oxygen means life, terror means death. Hererepparttar 149858 confluence and divergence between them end.

Because terror is now playing Bermuda Triangle (from Bermuda, a group of islands inrepparttar 149859 North Atlantic). It is said that any ship or airplane that passes byrepparttar 149860 deadly triangle disappears without trace.

But, today, airplanes and ships, and their human passengers, are vanishing in unsuspected spots, giving rise torepparttar 149861 rumor thatrepparttar 149862 triangle is shifting position withrepparttar 149863 rotation ofrepparttar 149864 earth andrepparttar 149865 movement ofrepparttar 149866 continental shelves. Already, twelve magnetic places aroundrepparttar 149867 world, includingrepparttar 149868 North andrepparttar 149869 South Pole, are fingered as danger zones, so that none is safe anymore. You and your boat can vanish for aye inrepparttar 149870 middle of your “innocent” country river.

Similarly, terror has been moving insidiously—fromrepparttar 149871 Middle-East to South East Asia, on to East Africa, then to America, and now in Western Europe. And each time it strikes,repparttar 149872 cyclical pattern is apparent—multiple simultaneous attacks atrepparttar 149873 back of security men.

After 9/11, they did it again inrepparttar 149874 Queen’s kingdom—Great Britain—four separate attacks in London inrepparttar 149875 middle of G-8 meeting. And Scotland Yard anti-terrorist squad—beaten round and silly in their game at home—was, for once, consigned to a state of stupefaction—and tutelage.

We are once more repeatingrepparttar 149876 old pattern—random condemnation, and a pledge to pulverize al-Qaida to smithereens like atoms. Or like those finer particles from whichrepparttar 149877 universe was made afterrepparttar 149878 Big Bang.

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