Obesity - The Number 1 Health Issue in the US

Written by Jimmie Newell

Obesity is quickly becomingrepparttar number one health issue confronting America today, and it's not just America, other countries are affected also. Obesity leads to a multitude of health problems including, but certianly not limited too:

Heart disease Diabetes High Blood Pressure

These 3 alone are rapidly becomingrepparttar 146529 leading causes of premature death in both men and women, in our society.

While it is easy to blame our sedentary lifestyles, our eating habits andrepparttar 146530 fast food industry. It really boils down to choice, in most cases we either choose to be overweight, or we choose not to be. Yes there are some people with medical conditions that are beyond their control, however for most of us it is really a matter of eating less (or eatingrepparttar 146531 right foods) and moving more (exercise). For some, those with a very good sense of personal discipline, it is very easy to lose weight. Most of us need some kind of guidance. That guidance can be inrepparttar 146532 form of a simple diet plan and exercise program, an organized diet program that lays out what we should eat and when we should eat it, a support group or professional medical help.

Many ofrepparttar 146533 popular diet plans are designed for you to follow yourself, some have websites offering recipes, plans, progress charts, tips and motivation and even support groups or "diet buddy plans". Some encourage weekly meetings. Most work for some ofrepparttar 146534 people who try them, however to really be successful and maintain your weight loss, you need to change what you eat, how you eat, and have an exercise program you will stick to forrepparttar 146535 rest of your life.

What I Discovered About Heel And Foot Pain Could Save You Hundreds Of $$$ And A Lot Of Pain!

Written by Jimmie Newell

The first symptom of heel or foot pain that I remember experiencing was, sharp pains inrepparttar heel region of both feet, most acute immediately after getting out of bed inrepparttar 146528 morning, sometimes this pain was so bad that I had to hobble of grab on to things to help support me getting torepparttar 146529 bathroom. I would come to discover, that this is possiblyrepparttar 146530 most typical and common symptom of "plantar fasciitis".

This condition got progressively worse, if I walked 2-3 miles, walked 18 holes of golf, worked a trade shows (6-8 hours on my feet) or even did work aroundrepparttar 146531 house that required me to be on my feet for a long time, it would sometimes take untilrepparttar 146532 middle ofrepparttar 146533 next day for me to recover enough to feel comfortable and pain free. I attributed this to getting older (about 50 atrepparttar 146534 time) andrepparttar 146535 possible onset of arthritis, and thought there was no treatment or cure.

One day I saw a television informercial from a well known national chain of foot care stores, they were talking about what I was experiencing.

As a traveling salesman I get around quite a bit, sorepparttar 146536 next time I was in a large city, I looked them up. At this time after a long drive,repparttar 146537 first dozen or so steps away from my car were quite painful, usually this would alleviate after a few steps.

I parked directly in front ofrepparttar 146538 store, and one ofrepparttar 146539 technicians saw me walk intorepparttar 146540 store and greeted me with "You seem to be suffering from "plantar fasciitis", we can help you! This wasrepparttar 146541 first time I had even heard of "plantar fasciitis". The technician explained to me thatrepparttar 146542 "plantar fascia" is a band on tough tissue that connectsrepparttar 146543 heel torepparttar 146544 toes, and runsrepparttar 146545 full length ofrepparttar 146546 bottom ofrepparttar 146547 foot. Tears develop in this tissue and cause inflammation or "iitis" this isrepparttar 146548 origin ofrepparttar 146549 pain, usually most acute in exactlyrepparttar 146550 circumstances I was experiencing. Many people are susceptible to "plantar fasciitis", especially athletes, runners, people who stand for long periods, and people who are overweight.

The technician then took a mold ofrepparttar 146551 bottom of my foot, stating that this would allow them to correctly size my foot and recommendrepparttar 146552 correct size "orthotic". He gave me a brief history ofrepparttar 146553 invention and use of "orthotics", and of course attributedrepparttar 146554 founder of this chain asrepparttar 146555 inventor. He took my mold torepparttar 146556 back room and returned with 2 different orthotic products, he placed one type in my shoes and asked me to walk acrossrepparttar 146557 room. These devices felt as if I was trying to walk with a golf ball inrepparttar 146558 middle of my foot, this was somewhat uncomfortable, howeverrepparttar 146559 relief from pain was immediate. He stated that I should wear these orthotics for at least an hour per day, and increase that time each day, until I was able to wear them all ofrepparttar 146560 time in all of my shoes. He did have a pair that was made from another material and with a somewhat lower rise, that he suggested for later inrepparttar 146561 day as a break for my feet. I was presented with a bill of over $500.00 forrepparttar 146562 exam and both pair of orthotics, we compromised, and I purchasedrepparttar 146563 "golf ball" pair for $249.00.

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