Obese Government

Written by United Citizens of America

Very few people (including members of Congress) actually grasprepparttar numbers involved inrepparttar 125951 federal budget.

The total net "economy" ofrepparttar 125952 United States is about $9.25 trillion. That representsrepparttar 125953 total production, sales, purchase and consumption inrepparttar 125954 United States in 2003, according to estimates provided byrepparttar 125955 CIA.

Government isrepparttar 125956 single biggest industry inrepparttar 125957 United States, both federal andrepparttar 125958 combined state governments.

The business ofrepparttar 125959 United States isn't business - it is legislation. And quite frankly, they do a terrible job at it.

There is more money wasted each year by our federal government alone to fund a second Defense Department or to cut personal taxes by 25 percent acrossrepparttar 125960 board.

In addition, hundreds of billions of dollars are given to corporations by way of contracts, which could be reclaimed by forcing our government institutions to implement fair contracting practices.

The Congressional Budget Office has issued warnings aboutrepparttar 125961 dangers that lie ahead if our politicians continue to spend in this manner. Unfortunately, nobody is listening.

Who are we hurting by this outrageous spending? We are hurting our children, our grandchildren and who knows how many future generations of Americans. And for what? So our politicians can go home in an election year and brag about how they have been able to bring homerepparttar 125962 bacon. Or so we can be surerepparttar 125963 special interests are happy.

Your America

Written by UCAnation

Chances are your America and our politicians America are notrepparttar same place. If you are dead center onrepparttar 125950 earning scale in real-world twenty-first-century America, you make a bit less than $32,000 a year, and $32,000 is not a sum that our politicians have ever associated with “getting by” in this world.

Politicians have never had a jobrepparttar 125951 way you have a job­, where not showing up one morning gets you fired, costing you your health benefits. Politicians may find it difficult to relate personally to any ofrepparttar 125952 nearly two million citizens who have recently lost their jobs, orrepparttar 125953 nearly 12 million who are still out of work. Politicians have never had to worry that they could not affordrepparttar 125954 best available health care and education for their children.

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