Oak Island and Constructs

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Long beforerepparttar Haplogroup X genetic proofs came out a few years ago I had been makingrepparttar 144181 case for pre-Christian racial Paradise inrepparttar 144182 Americas. Just last month (June 2004) I found out thatrepparttar 144183 ‘Y’ Chromosome research goes a lot further in showingrepparttar 144184 Natives are fromrepparttar 144185 same stock asrepparttar 144186 Welsh, Basque and other pure Kelts. I have been confronted onrepparttar 144187 Haplogroup X data by biologists and I have received support from geneticists who agreed with me. It is all water underrepparttar 144188 bridge now – MY HISTORY is supported by genetic proof. I can say that finally – thank god! Therefore I can also say to allrepparttar 144189 history freaks and other debunkers of my true history – where is your proof?

Will there ever be a time when academics investigate whatrepparttar 144190 Masons do withrepparttar 144191 Earth Energy Grid and why there is a stele placed on that grid in recent times. It was put right smack dab inrepparttar 144192 middle of an existing road. We will look into a little more on those Cleopatra’s Needles andrepparttar 144193 Washington Monument too. Please don’t assume I am totally against whatrepparttar 144194 New World Order advocates are interested in achieving. It is no simple black and white or one way street to manage society – which someone has to do.

But we know they have waged wars while sipping tea with their enemy each evening up untilrepparttar 144195 20th Century (if not still) and we know they have enjoyed miss-leading as they lead us. That is a paraphrasing of how Jimmy Carter addressedrepparttar 144196 Democratic Convention in support of John Kerry in July of 2004. So we should ask where does one get such massive wealth to engage in such transparent folly duringrepparttar 144197 last two thousand years and where did they store it. Does an engineered cave with water traps seem a likely site? When it is near a route that is seaworthy and close torepparttar 144198 Gulf Stream does this mean Oak Island and its Money Pit might have some importance. I discovered that a Baron with my own last name wasrepparttar 144199 last keeper ofrepparttar 144200 bank in Nova Scotia during this research. He died at Culloden fighting for Bonnie prince Charlie who spent huge amounts of money that came from who knows where?

You will berepparttar 144201 judge of that unless something suddenly is found despiterepparttar 144202 ransacking and removal of whatever might have been there until FDR and other highly placed Masons formed a Salvage and Wrecking Company to further comb and cleanserepparttar 144203 site. There are other reasons that things inrepparttar 144204 area exist and some of them are important too. We will gather what we can and present a lot of information so you can make your own decisions.

Here is a response to a Mason who has seen enough of my stuff to realize I know more than he; and he thought he was ‘hot stuff’ and even told me I should join them if I wanted to pursue my interests and really get to know what it is about. Of course they also call anyone who thinks they know about these things arrogant or worse when they are threatened. It has been a few months and he is backing off that kind of thing, as hard as it is for those propped-up by deceit and ego. I think most people who will read this will not accept what I am saying here without doing a lot of checking intorepparttar 144205 facts.

‘I tried sending through an attachment from a fellow researcher who is working onrepparttar 144206 Kaballah as derivative from Qaballa which is an ancient Verbal Tradition such as kept byrepparttar 144207 Bairds or bards andrepparttar 144208 Bardic Tradition for over 25,000 years. He finds my history is supportive and I see his sets of codes in English and other things of great value. The particular piece is 19 pages on justrepparttar 144209 letter 'E' without getting too verbose or using illustrations, which he has lots of. The Gematria is not a specialty of mine although I am pretty good at pre-history languages and not bad at Green Language and alchemical allegories inrepparttar 144210 Jung from Silberer subset derived from alchemy or Hermetics. That has usages in psychotherapy and mind control which they call Neuro Psycho Linguistics and other words and systems they often do not understand, it once was called Dream Analysis; but they have gone far alongrepparttar 144211 path of programmingrepparttar 144212 mind. Kind of funny how psychiatrists say they do not believe in a soul and yet they use these archetypes from our collective soul.

So as Dion Fortune did say - Kaballah is 'twisted'. They have built these constructs or dimensional energy designs so that Masons and other 'traveling men' as you call them will think they have stumbled upon a great truth through their 'visions'. After all who can imagine that elementals and dimensional energies are subject to such design engineering - eh? As Jung says in his forward to The Tibetan Book ofrepparttar 144213 Dead -repparttar 144214 Hindu will see Shiva and that hierarchy whereasrepparttar 144215 Christian will go throughrepparttar 144216 Bardol stages of Afterlife and seerepparttar 144217 likes of Gabriel then Jesus.’

The fellow researcher and I have done verbal sparring matches with many top Masons and shamans or Rabbis who have built ethereal constructs to capture ‘traveling men’ or those astrally accessing information. These constructs sometimes are admitted to by our adversaries who say they can differentiaterepparttar 144218 ‘constructs’ fromrepparttar 144219 real thing. Inrepparttar 144220 case of most secrets includingrepparttar 144221 Oak Island bank, they have built ‘constructs’ to cause more mystery and it was most important to do this inrepparttar 144222 Americas where shamanism was a common practice.

After Christian persecution and Roman proscription ('bounties' onrepparttar 144223 heads of Bardic teachers and Druids) took hold in Europe there were many Druids who went to other parts ofrepparttar 144224 world to join their "brothers". The Easter Island white people found by Roggeveen and Cook,repparttar 144225 Moriori of New Zealand (Both wiped out by Romano-British genocide inrepparttar 144226 18-19th C.) as well asrepparttar 144227 Toltecs and mummy people ofrepparttar 144228 Aleutians and Beothuk are partially connected to this ancient knowledge in varying degrees. The fact thatrepparttar 144229 18th century sawrepparttar 144230 demise of all but a few of them is worth your study. The larger remaining populations were subjected to varying degrees of societal programming. Some of their leaders tried to influence positive change from withinrepparttar 144231 new Empires. The continuing racism and prejudice against Romuva, Jews, Ukrainians, Irish and Armenians untilrepparttar 144232 20th Century saw more holocaust than most people imagine. The extent of genocide inrepparttar 144233 Ukraine was as much as 33,000,000 people and then Stalin was rewarded with Eastern Europe by Roosevelt.

Cecil Rhodes had a 'Vision'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

In an attempt to tie together Napoleon and others including Hitler, I offer these thoughts from http://cecilrhodes.net and an author named Vincent Leroux.

“This idea came to him atrepparttar age of 24 withrepparttar 144180 force of a religious revelation. What is interesting is that it struck him inrepparttar 144181 hours immediately following his initiation intorepparttar 144182 Masonic Order while at Oxford University.

Although Rhodes was slightly contemptuous ofrepparttar 144183 organisation he had just joined - `I wonder that a large body of men can devote themselves to what at times appearrepparttar 144184 most ridiculous and absurd rites without an object and without an end' -repparttar 144185 fact remains that whateverrepparttar 144186 Masonic induction he had gone through, it would appear to have triggered something of an epiphany inrepparttar 144187 young student.

Onrepparttar 144188 evening afterrepparttar 144189 ceremony, Rhodes sat pondering what had happened that day. Then, as he puts it,repparttar 144190 'idea gleaming and dancing before one's eyes like a will-of-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan'. He proceeded to pen his `Confession of Faith' in which he outlined his ambition: to establish a secret society whose objective would berepparttar 144191 furtherance ofrepparttar 144192 British Empire andrepparttar 144193 uniting ofrepparttar 144194 entire Anglo-Saxon race, including America, into one single empire.

From that day, June 2, 1877, Rhodes was a man with a mission, with his `Confession of Faith' his guiding star and inspiration. When he had grown to trust anybody, he would confidentially reveal his 'idea' to him and expectrepparttar 144195 man's life to be changed immediately.

Historians and biographers have criticised his naivety, butrepparttar 144196 fact remains that when Rhodes did reveal his 'idea' to others, it often hadrepparttar 144197 same effect, resulting in them devoting themselves from then on to helping him achieve his lofty aims. There was an event in Rhodes' life, soon after his `illumination' at Oxford {Site of a Druidic pheryllt or alchemical school inrepparttar 144198 time before Rome. Therefore it is on an important part ofrepparttar 144199 Earth Energy Grid.} that is hardly mentioned by his biographers, but which may well provide a key to how Rhodes acquiredrepparttar 144200 personal magnetism and power that he displayed from then on.

Three months after his Masonic induction at Oxford, Rhodes was back atrepparttar 144201 diamond diggings of Kimberley, in South Africa. One night, while staying in his bachelor quarters, a very strange thing happened. `His friends', according to his biographer Sir Lewis Michell, `found him in his room, blue with fright, his door barricaded with a chest of drawers and other furniture; he insisted that he had seen a ghost.' Immediately after this pivotal crisis, Rhodes had his previously penned `Confession of Faith' (which also contained his last will and testament) legally formalised by a Kimberley attorney. From then on, his star was inrepparttar 144202 ascendant.

What exactly happened to him alone in his room that night? No one will ever know, except that exactlyrepparttar 144203 same thing happened to another man, inrepparttar 144204 following century, who also went on to become one ofrepparttar 144205 most powerful menrepparttar 144206 world has ever known - Adolf Hitler.

In his book, ‘Hitler Speaks', published in 1939, Hermann Rauschning writes of an event that took place atrepparttar 144207 beginning ofrepparttar 144208 1930's prior to Hitler's seizure of power and his ascent to fame and infamy. Says Rauschning: `My informant described to me in full detail a remarkable scene - I should not have creditedrepparttar 144209 story if it had not come from such a source. Hitler stood swaying in his room, looking wildly about him. `He! He! He's been here!' He gasped. His lips were blue. Sweat streamed down his face. Suddenly he began to reel off figures, and odd words and broken phrases, entirely devoid of sense. It sounded horrible. He used strangely composed and entirely un-German word formations. Then he stood quite still, only his lips moving.... gradually he grew calm. After that he lay asleep for many hours.'

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