OakCakes Recipe

Written by Debbie

Yield: 1 Serving 1 pt Mixed milk and water 1 oz Yeast 6 oz Fine oatmeal 3 oz Plain flour 1 ts Salt (or slightly less) Mixrepparttar flour salt and oatmeal. Warmrepparttar 113170 liquid and stir in gradually to make a smooth batter. Crumble inrepparttar 113171 yeast stir gently and leave to stand in a warm place for 20 mins. Stir again and cook in a stong well greased frying pan. Pour in enough batter to coverrepparttar 113172 base fairly thinly and trun out when cooked. Remarks: This recipe is heavily adapted but

The Mystery of Decanting

Written by Daniella

Decanting is a strange word to many people. Some do not even know what it means exactly. Takingrepparttar sophistication out of it, decanting literally means pouringrepparttar 113169 wine fromrepparttar 113170 bottle to a special glass container. This is done in order to exposerepparttar 113171 wine to oxygen and enrich it.

What isrepparttar 113172 meaning of this process? Do all wines benefit from decanting or not?

The wine experts are not in agreement. Some say wine should be decanted in order to allow it to “breathe” and develop fully before consumption. Others claim decanting does not contribute torepparttar 113173 quality ofrepparttar 113174 wine.

So who is right? Well,repparttar 113175 truth is somewhere inrepparttar 113176 middle. Decanting does seem to benefit certain wines more than others. Most red wines, except forrepparttar 113177 very aged and some white ones would definitely benefit from decanting 1-2 hours before serving. Young red wines, onrepparttar 113178 other hand, which are low in tannins, light and fruity, would not improve if allowed to oxidize. There are also wines that would actually suffer from decanting. Those arerepparttar 113179 aged reds. Their quality could worsen if allowed too much contact with air.

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