Written by Alex Schultz

This article tells you how to get a top 10 ranking on every major search engine and how to eliminate 99% of your competition.

Firstrepparttar real basics, you need to understandrepparttar 128189 meta keyword tag. Most search engines use meta tags to index your website. So your meta tag decides which queries your page turns up on. It is inserted withinrepparttar 128190 element of your page and takesrepparttar 128191 following form:

To put it very basicallyrepparttar 128192 keywords in your meta tag should appear as many times as possible inrepparttar 128193 text of your page and MUST appear inrepparttar 128194 tags of your page, otherwise you will have a severely reduced chance of getting a high ranking. Do not try to trickrepparttar 128195 search engines by simply filling your page with a meaningless babble of keywords or keywordsrepparttar 128196 same colour as your background as these tricks are now understood by search engines and considered spamming. If you are found guilty of spamming your site will be removed fromrepparttar 128197 search engine without a trace. Harsh I know but that'srepparttar 128198 facts.

SLASH COMPETITORS TO 1% -----------------------

We all have keywords for which we wish we had top ranking, for me it's "paper airplanes"; for you it may be "video rental" or "holiday resorts" or any of hundreds of very general search terms. If you find your site keeps on ending up onrepparttar 128199 fifth page ofrepparttar 128200 search engines (where no soul has ever visited or ever shall) here is a trick to ensure you get a better ranking.

Once you have finished reading this e-mail go out and perform a search for your major keywords on Altavista or Infoseek or any search engine that gives yourepparttar 128201 number of pages it has found for your keywords. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of pages turned up? You bet! So now you have to be sneaky. With all those hundreds of pages even if you hadrepparttar 128202 highest keyword density short of spammingrepparttar 128203 search engine and thousands of links acrossrepparttar 128204 net it is hit and miss whether or not you'll get a top ten ranking. So come away from that fantastic, wonderful keyword, it is bad for your health and likely to give you ulcers.

Which Search Engines Will Survive?

Written by Dan Thies

Which Search Engines Will Survive? by Dan Thies

Withrepparttar recent bankruptcy of Excite@Home, and Altavista's admission that their search engine database hasn't been updated since July, it's clear that another round of consolidation is coming uponrepparttar 128188 search engine industry.

The important question for marketers isn't necessarily which portals will survive, but which search engines will drive their search results.

Excite and Altavista clearly attract enough traffic to ensure that *someone* will keep those domain names active as search portals, but that doesn't mean that there will be an independent Altavista or Excite database behind those results.

Is Lycos A Textbook Case? The story ofrepparttar 128189 Lycos search engine is instructive - Lycos.com is still there, butrepparttar 128190 actual search results are provided by FAST/AllTheWeb. We simply don't know who will be providingrepparttar 128191 results for Altavista and Excite in a year

Sorepparttar 128192 big question remains: which players can afford to stay in repparttar 128193 game, and how does that affect our search engine positioning plans? Time will tell - I can only offer you informed speculation onrepparttar 128194 fate ofrepparttar 128195 industry's major players.

Who's In? Google, Inktomi, FAST/AllTheWeb, and DirectHit. All of these have significant traffic, either directly or through their partners, and enough value in their databases to stay in business, at least for a while. DirectHit is different, since they don't attempt to crawl and indexrepparttar 128196 web, but they have strong partners, including MSN.

Who's Out? Altavista, Excite, and Lycos were big players at one time, but we knowrepparttar 128197 story now. Altavista and Excite are close to death, and Lycos has already dropped their database. Northern Light may maintain an independent database, but their traffic is minimal.

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