ONE MILLION hits within 3 months..... without using Search Engines.

Written by Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

TRAFFIC Generation....

It's one thing to have a web site.

It's another thing to get (qualified) traffic to it.

About 8 years ago I attended a seminar on this new thing called "The Internet." The guys who ranrepparttar seminar told us a lot of stuff, but there's one thing they said that has always stayed in my head.

They saidrepparttar 131920 NET was about to changerepparttar 131921 marketing paradigm.

You see, previously marketing had solely been about "difference." An example. My product is bigger and bluer than yours. Buy it!

The guys who ran this seminar saidrepparttar 131922 NET was different. It was about "sharing." "The more you sharerepparttar 131923 more you gain." How right they were !!


This wasrepparttar 131924 original vision ofrepparttar 131925 Internet... "sharing"


now let's get back torepparttar 131926 topic of TRAFFIC generation.

SEARCH ENGINES are about competition... "difference."

If you're not onrepparttar 131927 first 3 pages of a search engine search, forget it. You're effectively lost inrepparttar 131928 techno netherworld... never to be heard of again.

So, you can do one of two things.

1. Bust your butt and your wallet trying to get top positioning withrepparttar 131929 ever-changing SE's search criteria mathematics OR...

2. FIND A BETTER WAY... through sharing.

Question? "Why do people searchrepparttar 131930 Internet?"

Answer: "They're looking for information OR... a solution to a problem."


So, if you'd exchanged links with 1,000's of other ON-TOPIC, quality related sites would you get more traffic?

Yes, you would!! Think ofrepparttar 131931 math.

Learning ASP Series -- Your First ASP Page

Written by Amrit Hallan

ASP pages (Active Server Pages page sounds a bit melodramatic but its easier to refer to them like this) are nothing but web pages. The difference is that they have an extension .ASP and you writerepparttar code in a Server Side Scripting language.

Do we know what's Server Side Scripting? This doesn't actually matter if we delve into such nitty-gritty, but let's sound a bit philosophically intellectual. Now, there are two sorts of scripting languages:

Server Side (the hosting server where allrepparttar 131919 pages and programs reside)

Client Side (the web surfer usingrepparttar 131920 browser - actuallyrepparttar 131921 browser isrepparttar 131922 client)

No, we are not talking about some corporate politics with all this "siding" talk. Ok, before I begin with my bad sense of humor, "Client Side Scripting" is what we generally see when we code basic Java Scripts in our web pages to validate HTML forms or implementing those cool image rollover effects or opening custom popup windows etc. When you viewrepparttar 131923 source of an HTML page, and ifrepparttar 131924 Java Script has been written inrepparttar 131925 page itself (they have external Java Scripts too, but then that's a different story), then you can seerepparttar 131926 script with all it's gory details. A simple example of a Client Side Script written in Java Script is:

And then you can use it whenrepparttar 131928 page loads:

A Server Side Script, onrepparttar 131929 other hand, does not manifest itself when you try to userepparttar 131930 "View Source" option of your browser. It is a server side matter so unless you haverepparttar 131931 actual access torepparttar 131932 server, you cannot viewrepparttar 131933 portion containingrepparttar 131934 server side coding. But yes,repparttar 131935 rest ofrepparttar 131936 HTML matter is visible.

A typical ASP page looks like:

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