OM to Ogham

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Plato observed thatrepparttar advent of an alphabet making writing efficient for average people actually lead to less knowledge or disciplined communication. We need not blamerepparttar 147798 Phoenicians for this because people really could benefit from writing.

John Locke and many other scientists duringrepparttar 147799 time when man thought there was some reality in prejudices like The Scale of Nature observed that language was a pre-requisite for consciousness. Although there is some truth in his observations which includerepparttar 147800 Tabula Rasa, this is pure hogwash and perhaps even worse than that. He may well have sought to make people feel inferior just as that Scale of Nature was designed to do to so many non-Europeans.

Common sense is a most uncommon thing it appears. We still have many people living underrepparttar 147801 pall ofrepparttar 147802 Bible Narrative and other ‘absolute religions’ (Fukayama and social engineers know how to use) which have whole histories of deceit woven into their dogma andrepparttar 147803 laws that formrepparttar 147804 structure of our society. I am all forrepparttar 147805 Kat-ma concept of Karma which would have these social engineers meet their maker and put an end to that Dog-ma. It is unfortunate that scholars who are interested in making a living often have to go along with things they know are only half true at best. It is more unfortunate that good money can be made debunking real scholarship and exploration byrepparttar 147806 likes of Barraclough Fell and other Epigraphists. Please take a look into Rob Gombach of Utah State University as he says Fell was only a hobbyist.

The treatment ofrepparttar 147807 concept of OM byrepparttar 147808 Catholic Encyclopedia is a fine example of what is wrong with our society I think. Here is a little of what they say to start our voyage beyond conventional thinking. Om isrepparttar 147809 sacred syllable of Hinduism used by all schools in their meditation system. It expressesrepparttar 147810 'world-soul' concept of Brahman. It is pronounced atrepparttar 147811 beginning ofrepparttar 147812 recitation ofrepparttar 147813 'mantras'. In practice, this concept is expressed in Hindu teaching as:

“‘All humanity converging atrepparttar 147814 foot of that sacred place where is setrepparttar 147815 symbol that is no symbol,repparttar 147816 name that is beyond all sound.’ Inrepparttar 147817 system of practices that make up Hinduism, there isrepparttar 147818 possibility of introducing this concept through an intensified psychic response or through practices that are diabolic {What?! This is certainly a great expression ofrepparttar 147819 Pope's ecumenical interests. This mentions nothing about it being likerepparttar 147820 Holy Spirit or what physicists say which I relate torepparttar 147821 Logos. It is racial inrepparttar 147822 level of its prejudice and it isrepparttar 147823 kind of thing one should expect from 'Crusaders' with no soul.}. Here there is real danger, for this concept permits one to enter into a simple, self-delusive attitude {Rather than one created byrepparttar 147824 priests of this group of 'churchians' who do not followrepparttar 147825 'living father within' that Jesus taught.} that misleads while atrepparttar 147826 same time acts to shut out all other avenues of Christian response. Its danger is inrepparttar 147827 blandishment whereby a Universal Religion (the core of Karma orrepparttar 147828 at-onement of divine assumption of all into one) precludes sin since there is no one to sin against. Thus it has often been cryptically likened torepparttar 147829 evolutionary religious concepts advanced by Teilhard de Chardin {Who almost was ex-communicated and is a great ecumenicist.}, namely,repparttar 147830 'omega' concept: ‘The revealed Christ is identical with omega. This christology of Chardin, an evolutionary complex, is stated in like manner: ‘Man bears along with himrepparttar 147831 world of beings inferior to God.’ (Letter 8/7/23 in 'Letters to Leontine Zanta.') (See Omega Point: Teilhardism.)” (1)

The Homeric scholars have found some things to proverepparttar 147832 myth was not all mere fiction and this continues torepparttar 147833 present in even more fascinating ways due to satellite technology as well as a weakening grip of Biblical intrigues or religious suppression. Inrepparttar 147834 final analysis it is my sincere hope that people will become more spiritual and able to appreciate their religious icons were far more thanrepparttar 147835 interpreters who used their image and good works. I am ofrepparttar 147836 belief that when Homer wrote about ‘the underworld’ he was writing about North America and I know for certain that these people knewrepparttar 147837 earth was a sphere and had means to map and travel throughoutrepparttar 147838 whole world since long before Homer. Much of knowledge started with observingrepparttar 147839 stars in world adventures or travels and man has always been adventurous. Here isrepparttar 147840 other ‘Om’ written as Ogham or Ogam.

“’While some marks may be related to Ogam, we are skeptical of translations becauserepparttar 147841 perception ofrepparttar 147842 marks onrepparttar 147843 rock, often worn or damaged, is subject to considerable variability from one observer torepparttar 147844 next.’

No nation has a monopoly on illegibility, andrepparttar 147845 authors could profitably have consulted any edition of any ancient work, atrepparttar 147846 bottom of any page (whererepparttar 147847 variant readings are listed); there they would find subjectivity galore, and accepted as a matter of course. In any case, they should keep mum; some people haverepparttar 147848 same complaints about standing stones and alignments.” (2)

The cover-up of Ogham and all of its branches of knowledge may have started before Rome and there certainly was a lot of plagiarization or Hellenizing going on as new leaders usurpedrepparttar 147849 history, technology and science ofrepparttar 147850 Kelts or ‘keltoi’ and ‘Ogygia’, asrepparttar 147851 Greek (Danaus) called them. Ogygia in itself means ‘ancient ones’ and Plutarch has a map identifying Iceland as Ogygia but that does not mean it was anything more than an ancient Thulean outpost.

Not long agorepparttar 147852 Catholic Church had a fit of honesty and considered removing St. Patrick as a Saint. They knew all along that it was a near total fiction replete with removing snakes that had never been there in recorded or remembered history. They knew he had been sent there to make deals and re-write Scriptures or destroy things which would showrepparttar 147853 real roots of their faith and culture. He personally destroyed over 150 hand drawn books and we have proof of his editing ofrepparttar 147854 Senchus Mor which had been a fantastic book with numerous volumes of law and culture. There are only a few glosses with obvious re-writes remaining. Butrepparttar 147855 enslaved people of Ireland who have had their true history destroyed or hidden from them were all upset to find their Patron Saint might be a saint no more.

The Declaration of RE-Independence

Written by James Sorrell

The Declaration of RE-Independence [Prospectus: The Individual vs. The Corporate Conscience] Whilerepparttar term "individual", as regards each of us, has "gone to seed" inrepparttar 146877 human race,repparttar 146878 ethics ofrepparttar 146879 corporate has gone to hell. We humans have lost sight of our own horizon. While a nation of participants ("Werepparttar 146880 People" turned into a loose collection of spectators,repparttar 146881 business of America morphed into a monster of business. Instead of "In God We Trust", on our money, money is nowrepparttar 146882 god we trust [the love of $money$ having replaced real love]. Whilerepparttar 146883 stock market crash of 1929 was catalyzed by over-extended margins,repparttar 146884 morality crash of our recent business climate isrepparttar 146885 result of under-extended ethics. It is now left to us citizens, "We The People", to prevent our Titanic ending and reverse this trend, whererepparttar 146886 Fates have becomerepparttar 146887 Furies,repparttar 146888 Muses becamerepparttar 146889 Harpies, andrepparttar 146890 Sages have becomerepparttar 146891 fools! .....Let us change our form of government overnight torepparttar 146892 better, to something that works, as outlined in our primary legal document, The Declaration of Independence**; and except for vital and emergency services, putrepparttar 146893 current forms of government "on hold" until our ship of state is repaired and functioning for everyone's best interest, with equal opportunity for ALL, inrepparttar 146894 most powerful yet anemic country on earth; no longer FantasyLandUSA, butrepparttar 146895 land ofrepparttar 146896 brave and free again! [The mechanism by which we change our form of government is aboutrepparttar 146897 only unused portion of our original, founding documents, and it's time to see it put to good use] .....We will go back torepparttar 146898 future we were detoured from years ago when people sought after $money$ instead of love, and business/sports/entertainment instead of family. We must not again mistake our tools and their methods forrepparttar 146899 life in our lives! "Without a sign his swordrepparttar 146900 brave man draws, And asks no omen but his country's cause". Homer [Homer could have been just as easily speaking of someone like Cincinnatus, a 5th Century B.C. Roman {the Ohio city, Cincinnati, was named for him} who George Washington was likened to. ---> even our own founding fathers would be in open revolt and rebellion against our current national government !!] **[[Dec. of Indep., 2nd paragraph: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty andrepparttar 146901 pursuit of Happiness.---That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers fromrepparttar 146902 consent ofrepparttar 146903 governed. --->>> That whenever ANY Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it isrepparttar 146904 Right ofrepparttar 146905 People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."]]

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