Written by Jackie Ulmer

Whatís that you say? You canít sell?

Oh, you must be right, although you are selling me right now!

A good friend of mine once said to me, "Life is sales."

What a profound statement! Think about it! Life IS sales. We sell all day, every day.

We just donít realize or acknowledgerepparttar fact that we are selling.

Why is that? I believe it is because we have adopted some misguided beliefs regarding selling.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that of higher income earners aroundrepparttar 127462 world, a large percentage come fromrepparttar 127463 world of sales. Many from direct selling!

When you think about sales, what comes to mind?

Chances are, itísrepparttar 127464 pushy, arrogant, over-zealous, quick-to-the-close type that youíve done business with inrepparttar 127465 past.

But, is that truly what Sales is about?

I donít think so.

True sales is about sharing information. Itís about finding out whatrepparttar 127466 other person needs and then meeting that need.

Itís about creating a win-win situation for everyone.

When wasrepparttar 127467 last time you told someone about a great movie, referred a family physician or lavished praise and recommendations onrepparttar 127468 new restaurant in town?

This is sales in its purest form!

You perceive a product or service that could possibly meetrepparttar 127469 need of someone else. (A great place to eat or entertaining movie, etc.)

You sharerepparttar 127470 information with someone else, in an effort to meet a need they may have.

Your friend either accepts or rejectsrepparttar 127471 suggestion and you both move on about your business.

5 Sales Letter Blunders That LOSE the Sale

Written by Harmony Major

The average conversion ratio of most sales letters is a pitiful 1% -- or worse. Thankfully, there are dozens of little nuances that can instantly boostrepparttar amount of prospects you convert to buyers. Conversely, there are just as many that can make that ratio take an *immediate* nose dive.

Are YOU committing any of these five response-busting bloopers?

BLOOPER #1: "This offer expires in 1.2 minutes!"

Yeah -- right. And I'm Daffy Duck.

FACT: Time-sensitive offers can and DO increase response.

FACT: Hundreds of visitors won't knowrepparttar 127461 difference between fake, limited-time-offer hokey, andrepparttar 127462 real deal.

FACT: You might be isolating several hundred MORE would-be customers with your dishonest "time-sensitive offer."

FACT: The smart ones will knowrepparttar 127463 truth anyway.

All I need to do to find out if an offer REALLY "expires today!" is take a quick peek atrepparttar 127464 page's HTML code. If I see a jumble of JavaScript coding where today's date is supposed to be, I know I've got days, weeks, or even forever to get that "limited-time offer."

Whoops -- I just released your "little secret!" Not to worry. Seerepparttar 127465 end of this tip for a quick fix.

This little coding trick doesn't bother ME personally, as I'll still buyrepparttar 127466 product ifrepparttar 127467 offer is good. But, some people simply *will not buy* if they seerepparttar 127468 same "limited-time offer" on your page for a week. It's true! But, you can offer limited time offers WITHOUT being dishonest to your visitors.

Want to know how? e-Mail me and ask, at: < mailto:FIX@ReadySetPROFIT.com >

If you *ask me*, I'll send you an idea that I haven't seen ANYONE else use as of yet. Don't worry, I'm not disguising a product of mine asrepparttar 127469 "idea," and you won't be added to any pesky follow-up list. I'm simply reservingrepparttar 127470 details forrepparttar 127471 few *motivated* marketers actually reading this article, because this idea won't be quite as effective if everyone knows how it works.

BLOOPER #2: "Use that bold; just don't abuse it."

The most important thing to keep in mind when bolding your sales page text is to bold THE RIGHT WORDS. Not only are too many bold words hard to read, but they defeatrepparttar 127472 purpose ofrepparttar 127473 bolding -- to stress an *important* point.

Visualizerepparttar 127474 words in all caps inrepparttar 127475 sentence below asrepparttar 127476 bold words in a sales letter:

"LEARN a simple, easy-to-apply, 3-step formula for steadily increasing your WEBSITE profits each and every MONTH."

Now ... wasn't that goofy?

BLOOPER #3: "Am I supposed to READ this thing or dissect it?"

Imaginerepparttar 127477 trouble you have reading an e-mail that fills your entire screen with one massive paragraph. Now, magnify that feeling 500 times over. Congratulations! You've just experiencedrepparttar 127478 amount of frustration Web surfers feel when they're expected to read a 10-screen sales message composed of only 3 paragraphs.

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