Written by Irvin L. Rozier

The rose flower has such a wonderful smell In this poem, a story I must tell Roses are red, yellow, pink and sometimes peach Many lessons of liferepparttar rosebush can teach

Look at all those shiny green leaves Watch out forrepparttar 113417 thorns, roll down your sleeves Spring, summer, fall and winter arerepparttar 113418 seasons The Master grewrepparttar 113419 rosebush for many reasons

He saidrepparttar 113420 rose can brighten my child's day Whenrepparttar 113421 skies are gloomy duringrepparttar 113422 month of May A sweet fragrance I'll makerepparttar 113423 rose exude The hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies I must include

They will enjoyrepparttar 113424 roses as they blossum 'Neathrepparttar 113425 rosebush, will be a bed for an opossum He must have a shelter fromrepparttar 113426 storms I send He can smellrepparttar 113427 roses untilrepparttar 113428 storms end

Pruning Your Orchid Plants

Written by Robert Roy

Pruning Your Orchid

The flowers have all died and when should you cutrepparttar stalk back and how far?

Pruning an orchid stalk (spike) should cause no harm to repparttar 113416 plant. However, some orchids will produce new bloom shoots fromrepparttar 113417 nodes onrepparttar 113418 old blossom stalk, or some plants will produce small baby plants (pups) from these nodes. The new plants may be removed and potted after they develop roots. Of course, some orchids do neither of these things. In either case, it doesn't hurtrepparttar 113419 plant if you removerepparttar 113420 old bloom stalk; you may just miss some new blossoms or a baby plant.

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