Nutrition & Dietary Basics the Food Pyramid

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In a nutshell,repparttar USDA Food Guide Pyramid presents a general outline of which foods to eat daily. And it is based onrepparttar 149530 Dietary Guidelines presented byrepparttar 149531 USDA andrepparttar 149532 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Pyramid recommends eating a variety of foods in order to getrepparttar 149533 nutrients and calories needed for healthy weight maintenance.

The bottom foundation orrepparttar 149534 pyramid is a recommendation for 6-11 servings of breads, pasta, rice and cereals. The actual breakdown is:

For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) - 6 servings

For older children, teen girls, active women, most men (around 2,200 calories) 9 servings

Teen boys, active men (around 2,800 calories) - 11 servings.

A serving of breads, pasta, rice and cereals would basically reflectrepparttar 149535 following: 1 slice of bread, 1 ounce of ready-to-eat cereal; and 1/2 cup of cooked of pasta, rice or cereal. The next pyramid layer building upwards represents fruits and vegetables. From 2-4 fruits are advised a day and 3-5 vegetables. The actual breakdown is:

For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) - 3 servings of vegetables, 2 of fruit

For older children, teen girls, active women, most men (around 2,200 calories) 4 servings of vegetables, 3 of fruit

Teen boys, active men (around 2,800 calories) - 5 servings of vegetables, 4 of fruit

A serving of fruits and vegetables would basically reflectrepparttar 149536 following:

1 medium-sized fruit such as an apple, orange or a banana; 1/2 cup of chopped, canned or cooked fruit; or three-fourths (3/4) cup of fruit juice. For vegetables, a serving would be: a half (1/2) cup of raw, chopped or cooked vegetables, except for raw, leafy ones that get 1 cup per serving; or 3/4 cup of vegetable juice. On uprepparttar 149537 pyramid isrepparttar 149538 Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group also known as (AKA)repparttar 149539 Milk Group, which includes lactose-free and lactose-reduced milk products. Andrepparttar 149540 Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs and Nuts Group AKA Meat and Beans Group runs along side. From 2-3 servings ofrepparttar 149541 Milk Group and 2-3 servings ofrepparttar 149542 Meat and Beans Group are recommended. The actual breakdown is:

For children (ages 2 to 6 years), women, some older adults (around 1,600 calories) 2 or 3 servings Milk Group, 2 servings for a total of 5 ounces of Meat and Beans Group

Laser Hair Removal

Written by Virginia Wong

There are many different techniques to remove unwanted hair. Some of these include waxing, shaving, coils, electrolysis and laser. Although each has its advantages and disadvantages, they all performrepparttar same function. That is removing unwanted hair.

One such technique that has become quite popular these days is laser hair removal. This technique works by using a laser onrepparttar 149491 hair at a specified wavelength that emits a specialized light. The light fromrepparttar 149492 laser is passed throughrepparttar 149493 skin and is absorbed byrepparttar 149494 hair follicle. This light actually targetsrepparttar 149495 melanin (colour) inrepparttar 149496 hair follicle and damages it, thereby causingrepparttar 149497 hair to fall out. Interestingly,repparttar 149498 use of certain laser for removing hair has been approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Althoughrepparttar 149499 technique is popular, there are advantages and disadvantages of using this method.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal process has advantages in that larger areas can be treated. In addition it is also safe enough to be used on all parts ofrepparttar 149500 body such asrepparttar 149501 face, back, underarm, bikini line, legs and arms. Compared to electrolysis, it is less painful asrepparttar 149502 laser only causes a slight burning sensation compared torepparttar 149503 needle prick feeling of electrolysis. Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is usually long lasting.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

One disadvantage for laser hair removal is that not everyone isrepparttar 149504 perfect candidate for this type of treatment. Those with lighter skin and dark hair have a much higher chance of permanent hair removal than grey, red or blonde hair. In addition, those with dark skin or who are tanned are also not good candidates asrepparttar 149505 laser may cause damage to their skin due to high pigment levels. The reason being is that dark hair contains a pigment called eumelanin which effectively absorbs more laser energy and therefore results in more effective destruction ofrepparttar 149506 hair follicle. Due torepparttar 149507 higher effectiveness ofrepparttar 149508 treatment towards dark haired fair skin patients, it leads to fewer treatment and is therefore less costly. Otherrepparttar 149509 other hand, grey, red and blonde hair contain a pigment called pheomelanin that absorbs less laser energy reducingrepparttar 149510 effectiveness ofrepparttar 149511 treatment. Therefore extra treatment is required forrepparttar 149512 same effect. So before you sign up for this treatment, make sure you knowrepparttar 149513 principal of this treatment. If you are not an ideal candidate, be prepared for extra treatment charges.

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