Nutrition Is Not Common Sense

Written by Marc David

I'd like to explain an important concept that most online trainers (evenrepparttar "gurus") don't "get"...

Have you ever heard that 'nutrition is common sense?'

Have you ever thought about whyrepparttar 138405 United States has an epidemic of overweight individuals and kids that are out of shape? Or that most people talk about how in their younger days they were able to do this and that. Yet these people are only 30 years old?

Most people think nutrition is common sense. But these people are completely wrong.

You see, common sense isn't specialized knowledge, but just native good judgment. Many times common sense is when it comes to many things in life are learned behaviors from parents, teachers, mentors or coaches. We get at lot of this common knowledge thru what we see as well. Driving onrepparttar 138406 right of left side ofrepparttar 138407 road is common sense in your country. You get this from what you see.

The REAL four biggest problems when it comes to nutrition and common sense is that:

1- You learn what to eat from T.V. How crazy is that? I don't think I've seen a good commercial about just eating right. It's always about diets, points, fad diets, crazy workout stuff or fast food. Many kids get plenty of T.V. They don't understand why sugar cereal isn't part of a complete breakfast.

2- You learn what you see at home. If you were a witness to a lot of healthy eating habits (fruits, vegetables, moderate portions) then you probably got a lot of your good eating habits from your parents or guardians.

3- You learn to finish everything that's put in front of you. Does it matter if your hunger was satisfied half-way thrurepparttar 138408 meal? Or have you been told it was rude not to eat everything. You start to learn that finishing what's in front of you is more important then if you are hungry or not.

4- You learn nutrition at school. Some schools have good programs. Many do not. The only exposure most school children receive isrepparttar 138409 food pyramid. And then it's off to lunch period where they are served fish sticks and a variety of other unhealthy items. Only a few schools have a very healthy lunch option. It's pretty rare. You learn more about ancient Egyptians then you do about how to put together a healthy meal and whatrepparttar 138410 heck is a complex carb.

Suffering From Andropause?

Written by Sherri Solomon

Mid-life Crisis or Male Menopause?

For years men who were experiencing physical and emotional changes assumed they were going through some sort of mid-life crisis. Researchers now suggest these men were probably experiencing something quite different, a male version of menopause.

While most men do not want to acceptrepparttar fact thatrepparttar 138385 very hormone that makes them a man is decreasingrepparttar 138386 sobering truth is that as many as 25 million American males betweenrepparttar 138387 ages of 35 and 55 are experiencing some degree of male menopause or Andropause. Andropause is characterized by decreased testosterone levels associated withrepparttar 138388 normal aging process. Irritability, depression, lack of energy, reduced sexual function and libido are all classic signs of Andropause.

Risks Of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy isrepparttar 138389 primary treatment for men with lowered testosterone levels. This treatment is still quite controversial consideringrepparttar 138390 risks associated with this form of replacement therapy. Men and their doctors often weigh risk to reward when considering this type of therapy. Testosterone injections, while reducing Andropause symptoms may also increase stroke risk, liver toxicity, gynocomastia (Enlarged breasts) and temporary sterility.

Is A Natural Testosterone Booster Your Solution?

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