Numerology Basics

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

The study of numbers and how they relate to us is called Numerology.

It wasrepparttar Greek mathematician Phythagoras (569-470BC) who was one ofrepparttar 122135 first scholars to userepparttar 122136 numerology systems. He laidrepparttar 122137 foundations which formedrepparttar 122138 basis ofrepparttar 122139 current system of numerology.

With your birth date, using basic numerology techniques, it is possible to determinerepparttar 122140 type of person that you what path you might take in your life time.

Also, every letter ofrepparttar 122141 alphabet has a numeric value, and by adding uprepparttar 122142 numbers which correspond torepparttar 122143 letter in your name, you can also ascertain information about your life such as:

* Determine their Life Path and Destiny. * Learn what challenges they may have to overcome. * Identify peak moments in their lives. * Explore their special talents and skills and how to use them wisely. * Discover what they haverepparttar 122144 innate abilities to be.


Sometimes calledrepparttar 122145 Life Direction Number, Your Life Path Number representsrepparttar 122146 path you should take through life andrepparttar 122147 talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

Dream Interpretation

Written by Andree

Everyone dreams, but many people do not remember their dreams. Dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when we are in a deep,deep sleep.Dreams are a healing; a chance for our subconscious mind to help us heal our feelings about what has happened inrepparttar past or to give us insights into our future and our relationships. We may not remember any dreams for many months, and suddenly one morning there is a vivid dream in our mine, just demanding our attention. Usually that dream is telling us symbolically about something that has occurred or is about to occur that our angels (spirit guides) want us to be alert to. Dreams are an experience in which we are bothrepparttar 122134 observer and often a participant, and most of our dreams are about ourselves.Usuallyrepparttar 122135 friends and relatives in our dreams are symbolic of some aspect of ourselves. Our dreams are a wealth of wisdom, once we understand our own symbology.Symbolically,a person with red hair in your dream will probably have a different meaning to someone else. It depends onrepparttar 122136 feelings ofrepparttar 122137 experience each person has had with a person with red hair. To learn to translate your dreams is simple. Put pen and paper beside your bed and as soon as you wake, write down what you can recall, even if it is just a snippet. In a few days you will notice that you are recalling more and more.Start a separate notebook for your own personal symbology, because your symbology will be unique to you. Always ask yourself what you were thinking before you went to sleeprepparttar 122138 evening before, because that is often a clue torepparttar 122139 purpose ofrepparttar 122140 dream.

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