Nourishing the seeds of sucess

Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

Four laws of Planting Seeds (Enlightened Business Institute) Positive seeds cause pleasure; Negative seeds cause pain Seeds expand and grow EXPOTENTIALLY Seeds not planted cannot bring a result Seeds planted must bring a result

Nurturingrepparttar seeds of success The key ingredient to nuturingrepparttar 122273 seeds of prosperity is paying attention torepparttar 122274 environment in which you conduct your business,repparttar 122275 people you associate with, and your conduct, both in your business and personal life . The law of Karma will always bring it back to you in a worse manner. In some lines of Buddhism it is believed that every time you lie many of your brain cells die, as they are made to think and believe something that’s is not true. In turn whenrepparttar 122276 brain thinks in reverse there could be a negative effect onrepparttar 122277 brain. We have not yet found any scientific research on this, but it is worth pointing out as a point of reference. “Never Lie. Never tell one lie. If you tell one lie, you will have to eventually tell fifteen more to cover uprepparttar 122278 first lie”; ….According to Jon Barry, a successful real estate management firm and a man of great integrity….one requires a cover of 15 more. In turn, each of these 15 requires 15 more, or 225 lies. Furthermore, each ofrepparttar 122279 225 lies next requires fifteen more. Now we are at 225 times 15, or 3.375 lies. Again 3,375 lie times 15 equals 50,625. And so on. It is a much more productive use of one’s time, energy, and intelligence to always tellrepparttar 122280 truth, to e honest with all people” (Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, ‘The Millionaire mind’ Bantam Books London, 2001, pg. 67)

Developing your prosperity Instinct

Written by Janet Ilacqua

Another way of thinking of prosperity is that prosperity isrepparttar result of tapping into energy or chi inrepparttar 122272 world. Energy is dynamic, not static. It will always be moving and you must follow it wherever it goes. It will not follow you and you cannot make it go where it does not want to go. Sometimes, it is all around you and all it is a matter of being aware of it. In term ofrepparttar 122273 seed planting metaphor, think of chi asrepparttar 122274 nutrients and minerals inrepparttar 122275 soil that will nourishrepparttar 122276 seeds you plant. The better your soil is,repparttar 122277 less work and investment you will have to put into it in order to make it produce beautiful flowers. You cannot learn prosperity from a book, film or a presentation. Eventually, you must see, feel, hear, touch, and see prosperity. The more clearly we can visualize prosperity,repparttar 122278 more clearly we can feel, see, hear, and touch it,repparttar 122279 better chance we have of realizing our dream of prosperity.

Many tools out there can make you aware ofrepparttar 122280 flow of energy. Just remember that prosperity resides not inrepparttar 122281 tool but rather in howrepparttar 122282 tool makes you aware ofrepparttar 122283 flow of energy inrepparttar 122284 world.

We will discuss three widely used prosperity tools:

Feng Shui Pagan and Wicca Traditions ofrepparttar 122285 West Affirmations and Visualizations

Feng Shui

Feng Shui examines howrepparttar 122286 energy flow in your living environment is affected byrepparttar 122287 placement of things and objects within it, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow affects how you think and act, which in turn, affects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life. We cannot fully discuss Feng Shui in this chapter; however, there are several books on Feng Shui out onrepparttar 122288 shelves today.

Feng Shui is a term composed of two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water arerepparttar 122289 two natural elements that flow, move and circulate everywhere on Earth. They are alsorepparttar 122290 most basic elements required for human survival. Wind —or air—isrepparttar 122291 breath; without it, we die in moments. In addition, water isrepparttar 122292 liquid of life; without it, we die in days.

These two fundamental and flowing elements have always profoundly, yet subtly, influenced human individuals and societies. The essence of these life-giving life elements is chi or life force. Wind and water are direct carriers of chi, as their flowing quality reflects their essential nature. All living organisms are largely composed of these two elements.

Thus, Feng Shui isrepparttar 122293 art of designing environments in harmony withrepparttar 122294 flow of chi through one’s living space, and this flow supports and enhances one’s personal chi or life force.

The Feng Shui Octagon •The Feng Shui Octagon is an energetic map that appliesrepparttar 122295 wisdom ofrepparttar 122296 I-Ching to human spaces. Usingrepparttar 122297 Octagon, you can divide any definable space into nine sections or areas. The colours associated withrepparttar 122298 Wealth Area ofrepparttar 122299 Octagon are green, red, and blue and hips. Keep in mind that, in addition torepparttar 122300 Wealth Area, your front entrance and your kitchen stove also strongly affects your money chi. In addition to making sure that there is a lot of energy flowing into your house, you should situate a healthy new plant inrepparttar 122301 Wealth Area of your house and hang a wind chime inrepparttar 122302 Wealth area of your bedroom.

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