Nothing to Fear

Written by Ed Howes

March 12, 2003

Nothing to Fear

Terror is meant to change policy. Fear is meant to support policy. This isrepparttar Old World idea of balance. Guns change votes and that is why democracy is found nowhere. Nor would we want democracy if we had a choice, because we knowrepparttar 126035 majority is more often wrong than right. In fact,repparttar 126036 majority loves to be deceived and chooses deceivers to lead them downrepparttar 126037 road to glory. Europe has had so much of this last Century, it balks atrepparttar 126038 idea of supporting any potential 21st Century Hitler, on either side ofrepparttar 126039 Atlantic.

Is it becauserepparttar 126040 fearful are so much easier to control and manipulate that fear isrepparttar 126041 major product of world governments? Everywhere I look surely fear isrepparttar 126042 preferred tool. It is cheap and very easy to generate.

Oklahoma City andrepparttar 126043 World Trade Center attacks had a common goal and lesson. If your government cannot protect its own, how can it protect anyone else? Look at what your government does inrepparttar 126044 world, in your name. Do you approve? If you don't, what will you "free" people do about it? We will pay for it, of course, because we are free to pay for it.

We all would love to believe we are safer now that government is half awake. Instead, we senserepparttar 126045 truth that our vulnerability increases every day. As long as we can stay alert to strange activity around us we can survive terror from without. We won't even look atrepparttar 126046 threats to and inrepparttar 126047 Capitol. The game is called look over here so you don't see what we are doing over there. We look where they point and fix our attention on their message. Why don't we look elsewhere for some other point of view? See if there is a big picture.

In November, 2001, Commander Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld assistedrepparttar 126048 escape of some 8000 members of al Qaeda from Afghanistan to Pakistan. As Pakistani transport planes airlifted thousands through an official no fire corridor, those onrepparttar 126049 ground had enough time to hike torepparttar 126050 Pakistani border, about 120 miles away. This was fully reported onrepparttar 126051 PBS program, Now, with Bill Moyers. It aired 21 February, 2003. You can read an archived transcript @ PBS.Org.

We can imagine that cellular organization and skillful recruiting can doublerepparttar 126052 number of cells in a year or less. 8,000 al Qaeda set free in November 2001, could easily be 20,000 today. We might ask how this can be called homeland security. Al Qaeda is not just bodies, but minds united by a worthy cause. Change U.S. policies.

Another lesson of September 11 is that a very determined enemy hasrepparttar 126053 will to find a way. It took two attempts to destroy their priority target andrepparttar 126054 first attempt onrepparttar 126055 new priority target,repparttar 126056 U.S. Capitol, is fair warning. If I lived or worked within 50 miles ofrepparttar 126057 Capitol, I would not sleep well without self medicating and I assume most in that area do medicate.

So why wouldrepparttar 126058 President want to assist in a future attack onrepparttar 126059 very place he lives and works? The whole story is not to be found inrepparttar 126060 Now report, or with me. The advantagerepparttar 126061 terrorists have over America is a rich, fertile, collective imagination. Americans have little or none. So why don't we start reclaiming some imagination for ourselves? It could save a life or millions. It may be too late and not worth bothering about.

No, Thank You! America, Go Home!

Written by Nevine A. Al Seidi

No, Thank You! America, Go Home! Nevine A. Al Seidi America waged war on Afganistan forrepparttar head of one man, Osama Bin Laden and his radical group, Al Qaeda ( Arabic forrepparttar 126034 base). To date, Mr. Bin Laden is alive somewhere onrepparttar 126035 planet, Islam is stillrepparttar 126036 No. One enemy torepparttar 126037 American policy inrepparttar 126038 Middle East, andrepparttar 126039 ‘bases' are dozens upon dozens worldwide. What America accomplished wasrepparttar 126040 destruction ofrepparttar 126041 country, wasting American money and life in a Don Quixotic coup of false patriotism. We do not even know for sure that Osama Bin Laden wasrepparttar 126042 man behind all this, despite allrepparttar 126043 simplistic claims and video tapes. Iraq,repparttar 126044 only Arab ‘ secular' regime is facing an unheard-of atrocious hostility from ‘conspiracy' forces supportingrepparttar 126045 US that is devoting 75 billion American dollars, forrepparttar 126046 head of Mr. Saddam Hussein. In what way is Iraq threateningrepparttar 126047 US? And what hasrepparttar 126048 US got to do with a so-called dictator of a foreign country? What is America "freeing' Iraq from? All Iraqis, opposition included, andrepparttar 126049 whole Arab world takes American war on Iraq as an imperialistic adventure that is shockingly unethical bordering onrepparttar 126050 farcical. And when America is claiming to protectrepparttar 126051 neighbours of Iraq from its potential evil,repparttar 126052 ‘neighbours', namely Iran and Kuwait are feverishly opposing war on Iraq.

In my opinion,repparttar 126053 greatest mistake ofrepparttar 126054 American mindset these days is not much its lack of ethicality as its ridiculous ignorance of others' mindset. How much does America know about Iraqi culture and ideology to decide on this wacko adventure? As an Egyptian citizen, I can assure you thatrepparttar 126055 same attack on a country like Egypt would have ended by now withrepparttar 126056 American flag on Cheops Pyramid. But not Iraq! All Iraqis are Saddams; trust me on this one! Saddam's problem with his own people started by him declaring Iraq a ‘secular' country, something no other Arab leader dares do. Most Arab leaders are dictators. Why is America not bothered with them?

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