Not all Fats are Bad

Written by Dianne Ronnow

Fats have been unfairly lumped together as being all bad for too long. Fat doesn’t necessarily cause disease, and can actually cause a role in its prevention. The truth is that some fats are very bad for us and some fats are actually very good for us.

Time has shown us that diets that restrict all fats fail in terms of weight loss. Sincerepparttar end of World War II, Americans have been told that they need to restrict saturated fat in their diets. So we switched to margarine from butter, and did what we could to restrict fat. We have been constantly told thatrepparttar 137902 reason for our health problems is that we still eat too much fat, especially saturated fats.

Since Americans have been told to eat a low fat diet to lose weight,repparttar 137903 results are that nearly two thirds of adult Americans are now classified as overweight and more children are overweight now than ever before. Obviously something is wrong. That is because we need special kinds of fats in our diets that we are not getting.

If you are like me, you grew up being told that vegetable oils wererepparttar 137904 good oils and saturated fats wererepparttar 137905 bad ones. Now we are finding out that it is justrepparttar 137906 opposite. Diets that are moderate to high in “good” saturated fats and oils such as coconut oil and olive oil are actually very good for us. They raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure. As a matter of fact, people who started adding at least 4 tablespoons of coconut oil to their diets every day, have found that they can now lose weight when they could not before on a fat restricted diet. Sometimesrepparttar 137907 addition of these oils even helps with their health problems.

It turns out thatrepparttar 137908 bad guys are polyunsaturated oils, which carry toxic fatty acids (long chain fatty acids or LCT’s). These LCT’s tend to produce fat inrepparttar 137909 body. Polyunsaturated oils arerepparttar 137910 vegetable oils we commonly see inrepparttar 137911 grocery store, such as soy, corn, cottonseed, rapeseed and safflower.

We have been told that they lower cholesterol, but they way that they do is not healthy, as it ends up collecting inrepparttar 137912 liver. These oils are easily oxidized and damaged by free radicals. When cooked they become rancid in a few hours, even inrepparttar 137913 refrigerator. This causes damage to our body at a cellular level,repparttar 137914 end results showing up as problems like diabetes, cancer, hypothyroidism and heart disease. And if that is not enough, these oils help us to get fat, lowerrepparttar 137915 metabolic rate in our bodies, help suppressrepparttar 137916 thyroid function and cause our skin to age quicker.

Trans-fat is one ofrepparttar 137917 worst bad guys. Trans-fatty acids often appear on ingredient labels as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. It is what they do to vegetable oils to make them into hard fats such as margarine and vegetable shortening. It is used inrepparttar 137918 prepared food industry in baked goods like cookies, crackers, and most supermarket peanut butter to prolongrepparttar 137919 shelf life. These bad fats are used almost exclusively in fast foods that are fried. When heated and eaten, they turn into something like poison in your system, because your body can not process this kind of chemically made fat. Trans-fats not only increase levels of bad cholesterol, but they will decrease levels of good cholesterol inrepparttar 137920 blood stream and trans-fatty acids have been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Fats such as margarine and shortening should be totally avoided, as well as foods items that contain them.

Weight Loss: What you MUST Know Before You Begin

Written by Tim Trzcinski

STOP! Don’t even THINK about starting another weight loss program, diet, supplement, shake, energy bar, or other method until you’ve completed one key step to ensuring your success at it. This isn't about seeing your doctor or researching it onrepparttar internet – you’ve probably already done these things many times before (and if not – you should). This is about preparing you – your mind – forrepparttar 137775 weight loss journey you are about to embark on. And a journey it will be!

How many times have you sat there on a Sunday afternoon stuffing yourself with an afternoon meal and proclaiming to your friends and family that “tomorrow I’m starting my diet,” only to have Monday roll around and you’re right back to your old habits? How many New Year’s resolutions and post-Holiday season promises have you made to start that next diet, but instead watched yourself quickly fade back torepparttar 137776 old routine within a week or less? You hadrepparttar 137777 right intentions,repparttar 137778 right products,repparttar 137779 right books,repparttar 137780 right research,repparttar 137781 right everything. Or so you thought. Maybe you even lost a pound or two, only to regain them a week later as your new weight loss program came to an abrupt halt. You asked yourself, “why do these things never work for me?” and, “why can’t I lose weight like those people inrepparttar 137782 ads do?”

The answer is simple: you did not mentally prepare yourself to be a “successful loser!” You said you hadrepparttar 137783 right intentions, but what did you do to turn those intentions into a winning plan of action? You said you had enough will power to see it through, but will power only goes so far when it comes to weight loss. Will power is like a brief burst of energy – it excites you, motivates you, and gives you a taste of victory – but then suddenly dies out as quickly as it was mustered. Thus, it takes more than will power: it takes a vision of what you wish to achieve. You must envision what your end goal is – your objective – clearly in your mind. You must determine what your “why” is – your reason for losingrepparttar 137784 weight – before you will truly make a personal commitment to it. And then you must persist at it – with no exceptions – until you achieve your goal and arrive atrepparttar 137785 place you envisioned.

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