Not Sure If Your Online Advertisement is Working? Be Sure! - Track Your Ads

Written by Karen Fegarty

Without tracking, your online advertising is just a shot inrepparttar dark. Many new and seasoned marketing individuals spend significant dollars on banner advertisements, ezine ads, and other online media, but do not know which ads have brought themrepparttar 100992 greatest success.

The following is a list of online advertising methods that you may or may not be using. It is important to track all of your online advertisement. This isrepparttar 100993 only way to determine which method works best for you and where you should spend your hard earned dollars.

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How do you track your advertising? There are basically two ways of tracking your advertising; sign up for a service or purchase ad tracking software to install on your server.:

Banner Ads: How To Quadruple Clickthroughs Using Proven Techniques!

Written by Grady Smith

It’s a fact…

Businesses right now are wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising.

In fact, a large majority of business owners are satisfied when they place a banner ad and double their investment.

Are you in this category? Do you pull mediocre results from every banner ad you place? Want to start placing ads that pull 4, 10, even 20 timesrepparttar amount you invested? Of course you do!

Here’s how to create devastatingly powerful banner ads that get people clicking!

First, you need to walk a mile in your prospects shoes. What turns them on? What key words will stop them dead in their tracks?

Understanding who your ad is talking to isrepparttar 100991 first step. Your second step is understandingrepparttar 100992 dreams and desires of your products audience.

Ask yourself some questions:

Are they motivated by money?

Do they want to do something better?

What’srepparttar 100993 emotional reason your target prospect would be interested in your product?

For instance, a home business offer would go after prospects interested in money, right? But there are other underlying benefits that speak to your targeted audience too.

Maybe they want freedom from a time clock? Maybe they hate answering to a boss?

For instance, if you wanted to target a niche market of RV owners for your business opportunity, you might write a banner headline like “RVers! You Can Travel The Country, And Get Paid Very Well To Do It”!

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