Not Ranking High Enough On Search Engines? Here’s Some Help!

Written by Jason DeVelvis

Search engines are frugal things. (Froogle, too, haha! Sorry, lame joke) They take many, many things into consideration when ranking your pages. Below are some things you should do to be sure you’re ranked as high as possible.


Go for keyphrases, not single keywords. Unless you want to spendrepparttar next 3 months trying to break intorepparttar 150150 first page for a single keyword, focus on keyphrases. Besides, most searchers search for two or more words. Single keywords just don’t providerepparttar 150151 targeted results searchers are looking for.

Focus onrepparttar 150152 keyphrases that you can take over. Keyphrases like “Exit now” or “Exit Here” or even a keyword like “Exit” will be next to impossible for you to get a top 3 ranking, because ofrepparttar 150153 overwhelming popularity for porn site landing pages to put a link to Yahoo, Google, or Disney withrepparttar 150154 anchor text of one of those keyphrases mentioned above. Go ahead, try it out – type one of them into Google and see what you get. Funny enough, Disney recently tookrepparttar 150155 lead over Yahoo forrepparttar 150156 keyword “Exit.” Go Disney go!

Site Focus

Don't allow your site to focus on more than 1-2 different things. Create separate sites for each product or service, and if you’d like, a main site to describe your company, and have it link to all of your products. This will allow you to better target your pages, because a user looking for widgets isn’t going to stick around long on a page for a company that sells widgets and woozles, when they don’t see information about widgets (even if it’s blatantly obvious) Think about it this way: You’re always one click away from losing a customer onrepparttar 150157 internet. Do everything you can to eliminate that one click.

Content: More is better

The more content you have,repparttar 150158 better. Wait, let me rephrase that –repparttar 150159 more RELEVANT content you have,repparttar 150160 better. Plain old content, or keyword-stuffed will only get you so far. Remember, you’ve got to keep your visitors in mind primarily, because it doesn’t matter how high your SE ranking is if your visitors don’t convert to customers.

How do I get new, relevant, free content?

Start posting articles on your site; you’rerepparttar 150161 expert here, so utilize that information. But keep your articles from sounding like you’re only writing it to advertise your product (advertorials). If it sounds too much like an ad, your visitors won’t read it.

Also, try to mention your chosen keyphrases as much as you can without makingrepparttar 150162 article sound “stuffed.” What’s “stuffed” mean? Here’s an example: You’re writing about widgets, you wroterepparttar 150163 widgets article about widgets so you could say widgets as much as you possible while talking about widgets. Would you want to sit and read that? No. Neither would anyone else.

Autoresponders - One Simple Trick That Will Improve Your Results

Written by Hamish Hayward

Autoresponders, or responders, are simply programs that allow you to send out pre-written emails which have been pre-loaded intorepparttar responder. Prospective customers or recruits either input their email addresses into a signup form on a website or send a blank email to a trigger address. They are then entered into a database and receive your emails atrepparttar 150076 intervals you specify when you set uprepparttar 150077 responder.

This is an extremely powerful marketing technique as it allows you to send repeated messages to people who have positively displayed their interest in whatever you're promoting.

Numerous studies have shown thatrepparttar 150078 majority of consumers will not buy, or signup to something, atrepparttar 150079 first exposure. Prospects typically need to have somewhere between 5 and 12 exposures torepparttar 150080 product or service before they feel comfortable enough to commit. The ideal number of follow up contacts is often said to be 7, but this will vary depending uponrepparttar 150081 individual consumer andrepparttar 150082 product on offer.

Sincerepparttar 150083 recipient of your emails has given you permission to contact them, you won't be accused of "spamming". You may need to provide full contact details in your emails to be sure of this - it varies from country to country, but err onrepparttar 150084 side of caution. An added bonus is that you will have their email address in your database - or "list" - so that you can keep them updated with any new offers you may have in future.

Many internet marketers already appreciaterepparttar 150085 awesome power of automated follow up using an autoresponder loaded with well crafted sales messages. However, there is one enhancement that is often overlooked, even by relatively experienced marketers: The "Thank You" page. Used properly, this can boost your signup rate by as much as 20%, it can help promote your other programs, products and opportunities and it can even earn you some money.

It's easy to overlook this aspect of autoresponders. After all, you've probably spent a good deal of time crafting your email messages and loading them intorepparttar 150086 responder. It's only natural that whenrepparttar 150087 last one is input you want to getrepparttar 150088 messages out torepparttar 150089 big wide world ASAP - right? But take just a few minutes - and that really is all it needs - and you could benefit hugely.

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