Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down. By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Do you have a problem getting things done? Write it down. Can't find time to build your business? Write it down. Are you in a rut, not making any progress? Write it down. So, you have an idea of what you want to do, but you need help actually getting started, right? Making a habit of regularly writing down your goals will allow you to achieve your "ideas". Start by using a "to-do list" daily. As you scratch off each completed task, you are making progress. This feels great, and will create much needed momentum for your home-based business. Each Sunday, draw up a "plan of action" forrepparttar coming week. Prioritize this list to getrepparttar 117520 most important tasks done early inrepparttar 117521 week. This way, as your week progresses, you are on a "down-hill glide" instead of an "up-hill climb". Next is setting your monthly goals. Inrepparttar 117522 last week of every month, establish your plan forrepparttar 117523 month ahead, and be

How To Beat The Competition, With The Basics

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

"How To Beat The Competition, With The Basics"

By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online It goes without saying that having good work habits is essential for success in any business venture, whether online or offline. Online marketing presents a worldwide selling opportunity, but with it comes a "sea of businesses" competing forrepparttar same customers that you are. Successful people do what others aren't willing to do to "make it happen". Don't you think that using excellent work habits might give you an edge overrepparttar 117519 competition? You're right. It will! Direct marketers inrepparttar 117520 "real world" have succeeded using repparttar 117521 basics for years. These apply to any form of sales or business, certainly to online marketing. Consider email marketing, which "is" direct marketing. You are presenting a product or service (read:"sales pitch") to a prospect directly to their own personal email inbox. The marketer has to deal with a lot ofrepparttar 117522 same issues that offline marketers deal with daily. With experience comesrepparttar 117523 "know-how" of a veteran marketer. These sales talents have been developed around a base of straight-forward, simple concepts that are a must for success. The online marketer that learns and applies these ideas "will" have an edge overrepparttar 117524 poor work habits of a lot of people selling onrepparttar 117525 internet today. Step One - Be Positive, Always ------------------------------ When someone asks "How are you today?", how do you answer? If it's not "great", it should be. Positivity breeds positive results, as negativity only leaves you nasty, with poor results. Do whatever it takes to build and achieve a positive manner and outlook on life. This will be easier for some than for others. You know yourselfrepparttar 117526 best. If you are generally a negative, abusive or short- tempered person, this may be difficult for you. But it is certainly possible. If you are an easy-going person that may have an occasional "bad day" (like we all do!), this will be easy for you to accomplish. The benefits of achieving a positive attitude are enour- mous, helping you reach all of your goals and aspirations. The presence of a negative attitude can be disastrous to any business, especially to a home-based venture. Step Two - Don't Lose Your Attitude ----------------------------------- It is easy to relax on a sofa with chips and a cool beverage, and maintain a great attitude. The test comes when you are confronted with "negatives". They may be from family or friends, a co-worker, or from a business "lead" that just told you "no". How about from a day of dozens of "no"s from potential customers? It helps to understandrepparttar 117527 "law of averages", as it concerns sales matters, to keep that good attitude going strong. Basically,repparttar 117528 law of averages means thatrepparttar 117529 more people (contacts) you see (or call or email),repparttar 117530 more "yes"s (sales,leads,promo opps) you will get. Sales of any kind is all a numbers game. When you are having a bad work day (lots of "no"s,poor ad responses), don't quit with a bad attitude. Increase your efforts (seerepparttar 117531 people, or work to makerepparttar 117532 people see you) and you will findrepparttar 117533 prospects and sales. You will make more money, and will feel better about yourself for going that "extra mile". It takes work to keep up a good attitude. Step Three - Be Prepared ------------------------ Yes, here inrepparttar 117534 US, this isrepparttar 117535 motto ofrepparttar 117536 "Boy Scouts". Know what you are getting yourself into. Always research your "position" inrepparttar 117537 market. Never lose a sale or a good lead because you didn't "do your homework". With online marketing, this means reading as much quality material onrepparttar 117538 subject. This means studying your comp- etition. Don't launch a product, then find your "target" market. Researchrepparttar 117539 market first, find a common problem and fix it. Find a small, focused "niche" of customers that you can present a beneficial product or service to. Now build your product aroundrepparttar 117540 unfulfilled "needs" and "wants" of this niche market. Being prepared "before" you develop a product will save you time and headaches inrepparttar 117541 future. It may also meanrepparttar 117542 difference between success and failure. Step Four - Set Goals --------------------- All ofrepparttar 117543 "steps" in this article are important. Setting realistic, "do-able" goals may be atrepparttar 117544 top, along with having a positive attitude. You must have a solid business "plan of action" if you expect to succeed. You must know where you want to take this "ship", and where you want it to take you. Do what- ever works for you to build a strong game plan. If you want to write your goals down, do it.(This is an excellent way to know "exactly" where you stand now, and where you want to be going). If you need to put up signs and notes around your office or home to remind you daily of your

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