Non-Surgical Liposuction for Engines

Written by Dee Scrip

Classic symptoms of engine liposuction candidates:

·Sluggish response ·Diminished engine performance ·Decreased mileage per gallon ·Increased fuel requirements ·Increased toxic emissions

Perhaps you have faithfully and religiously tried to keep your engine healthy by: ·Habitual feedings on quality gasoline or diesel fuel ·Changing oil regularly ·Meticulously replacing spark plugs

Yet your engine still manifests foreboding symptoms.

Don’t blame yourself! The Fuel Doctor has ferreted outrepparttar source and formulated a non-surgical cure!

The source is water and sulfur. I know you would never intentionally feed your engine water, but unfortunately water is always present in both gasoline and diesel fuel. The nature of fuel also has an affinity to solicit water fromrepparttar 142206 atmosphere. Sulfur also intentionally lurks in both gasoline and diesel fuel. When water and sulfur meet, sulfuric acid is conceived. Acidic engines form carbon deposits when not burned off during combustion.

A critical condition evolves when unsightly carbon deposits appear on spark plugs, valves, etc., or are forced into your oil. These lethal carbon deposits progressively obstruct your engine’s ability to properly function. Inevitably, symptoms rear their ugly head, and your engine becomes listed as a prime candidate for liposuction.

UBiee PowerPill Fe-3 – Prevents Unwanted Carbon Babies in Your Engine

Written by Dee Scrip

The UBiee Power Pill Fe-3 isrepparttar impeccable engine contraceptive that eradicates and prevents future unwanted carbon deposit babies. It isrepparttar 142074 penultimate, environmentally friendly, engine womb broom.

Have you ever wondered, “Where do carbon babies come from?”

Well, inrepparttar 142075 case of an engine, it all starts withrepparttar 142076 courtship between water and sulfur.

1.Meet – A casual acquaintance is acknowledged inrepparttar 142077 formation of fuel, as water and sulfur are necessary presences in both gasoline and diesel fuel. 2.Flirtation – Sulfur has an affinity to attract even more water fromrepparttar 142078 atmosphere. 3.Courtship -- Begins when water and sulfur dance together as they are transported long distances torepparttar 142079 gas station, and flow throughrepparttar 142080 tunnel of love fromrepparttar 142081 gas pump to your engine. 4.Marriage – Ceremony takes place in your engine. 5.Conception – Sulfuric acid is conceived withrepparttar 142082 union of water and sulfur as your engine blissfully transports you. 6.Babies – Commonly named “Carbon Deposits” occur when sulfuric acid is not burned off during combustion.

What happens within an engine’s house full of babies?

The babies grow up, become engine couch potatoes, leaving their carbon deposits strewn throughout your engine, e.g., spark plugs, valves, oil, etc. They never clean up after themselves nor do anything remotely productive.

Then your engine starts begging you for more fuel because it can’t keep up withrepparttar 142083 feeding demands created byrepparttar 142084 rapidly developing couch potatoes. Even though your engine is working harder, it is no longer giving yourepparttar 142085 vim and vigor it used to have.

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