Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Not Just A Travel Accessory...They're A Travel Necessity

Written by Pilot Paul

There is unwanted noise all around us. Without Noise cancelling headphones, there is no escaping it.

There's engine and air noise on planes, blaring sounds of city streets, noisy air conditioners, unwanted noise inrepparttar office and endless lawn equipment noise at home.

These constant sounds can cause fatigue and sap your energy.

If you've ever enjoyedrepparttar 139040 effects of a good noise cancelling headphone, you know that it's possible to "slip on some quiet" and have a reprieve form all that unwanted noise.

Once you use a quality noise cancelling headphone, you'll wonder how you've ever gotten by without any. The first time I ever tied noise canceling headphones, I was astonished by how well they worked.

Hi, I'm Pilot Paul, Captain at a major airline. I've been using noise cancelling headphones for over a decade.

At my airline, we bring along an additional pilot on long flights. This allows us to take turns and have a rest break. That way we always have fresh, alert pilots atrepparttar 139041 controls. We have use of a first class seat for this extremely important rest.

My airline provides a noise cancelling headphone for each first class passenger to use. They love them, and don't want to give them back atrepparttar 139042 end ofrepparttar 139043 flight.

One ofrepparttar 139044 main reasons that I'm able to rest and sleep during my important rest breaks isrepparttar 139045 noise cancelling headphones.

If you are interested in my complete article which gives you many tips on sleeping well on planes, please visit: What's Special About Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Unlike regular headphones, noise cancelling headphones do double-duty. They reduce noise in two ways:

* Passively- They have comfortable, insulated ear cups that block a lot of outside noise. * Actively- They electronically cancel out sound waves. They do this by picking up a sound, processing it, and then creating a new sound that effectively cancelsrepparttar 139046 original sound. They work best on loud, monotonous sounds likerepparttar 139047 rushing air in airplane cabins or engine noise.

These two methods combine to reduce unwanted noise. When you use these, you'll experience a noticeable quiet. This is very relaxing and once you've used these, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.

What You Can Expect From A Good Noise Cancelling

While lessening all sounds, noise cancelling headphones best reduce persistent, droning background noises. They're best at reducing sounds like engine and air noise, traffic,repparttar 139048 background noise at your office, your neighbor's lawnmower.

If you wear these at home (as I often do), and your child screams, you'll still hear that. This can be either good or bad, depending on your perspective.

When you first put on noise canceling headphones, you'll initially noticerepparttar 139049 passive effect- all noises are reduced byrepparttar 139050 comfortable, padded, insulated ear cups.

Then switch onrepparttar 139051 active cancellation to eliminaterepparttar 139052 droning sounds. You might not immediately think it's a huge improvement- but wait about ten minutes.

Siberia Here I Come! - Adventure Travel Part 1

Written by Rick Chapo

“You must really hate this job.” That’s what my boss said when I told him I was moving from San Diego to Siberia for a year. In reality, I was bored and looking for something that would be completely and utterly new. Whether it was sunstroke or a developing tolerance to margaritas, San Diego just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Heck, I hadn’t even gone torepparttar beach in nine months and it was only a few blocks away. Time to rediscover a zest for life.

As you are doing now, I trolledrepparttar 138875 Internet looking for that rare opportunity that would renew my vigor and let me brag to my domesticated friends. Pick coffee inrepparttar 138876 South Pacific? No, I already drink too much of it. Sail aroundrepparttar 138877 world on a container ship? No, I wasn’t ready for involuntary self-reflection. Before I knew it, I had agreed to move to a city in Siberia known as Chita. Yes, I was going to be a professor at Chita State Technical University through a program put together by Siberian Intercultural Bridges. Donate - they needrepparttar 138878 money:

So, what does one take for a one-year stay in Siberia? Why, I’ll just go buy a guidebook on Siberia and readrepparttar 138879 “what to take” section. My search ofrepparttar 138880 local mega bookstore was disappointing. Shockingly, there were no guidebooks for Siberia. I was tempted to write a nasty letter to Lonely Planet and others untilrepparttar 138881 bookstore clerk said, “You’re going WHERE?” When she started giving merepparttar 138882 “you must be a criminal onrepparttar 138883 run” look, it was time to go.

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