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For a lot of peoplerepparttar last time they wanted a magician at their party was when they were 8 years old but magicians don’t just work for children. Adults have always been a great audience for magic because they have defined critical thinking. They “know” it isn’t “real magic” but ifrepparttar 135092 performer does his job right he can bring aboutrepparttar 135093 childlike state of wonder in an adult. A good magician can bring you right back to experiencerepparttar 135094 fuzzy feeling you had as a kid when your grandfather pulled a coin out of your ear.

There are 3 styles of magic that are most often hired for events where adults are inrepparttar 135095 majority.

Close-up magic (the most popular choice for people hiring magicians)

Cabaret shows

Drawing room shows

Close-up magic is often seen at cocktail parties whererepparttar 135096 magician mingles amongstrepparttar 135097 guests performing miracles with borrowed objects and simple objects he has on him. He works without a table and uses people hands when he needs to. This is an excellent choice if allrepparttar 135098 guests will be standing with drinks and eating finger food.

Another type of close-up magic that is closely related to strolling magic is table magic. Table magic is performed betweenrepparttar 135099 courses at dinners, wedding breakfasts, balls and banquets. You are more likely to see a short (between 3 – 8 minutes) mini cabaret act that has a structured feel to it. The magician may userepparttar 135100 table but it will be as unobtrusive as possible because at banquets there is a premium on table real estate.

Close-up magicians are being hired more and more for Trade Shows to draw people torepparttar 135101 stand with customised magic presentations. Presentations are designed to showcaserepparttar 135102 features and benefits ofrepparttar 135103 stand they are representing but with amazing magic and not just dry sales pitches.

Cabaret Shows are a great way for a lot of people to see some great magic in a relatively short space of time. Often a close-up magician who has performed strolling/table magic before hand will also do a 20 minute cabaret act after dinner.

There are many different styles of cabaret magician - comedy, traditional manipulation act to music, mind reading etc. The type of event you are organizing will dictaterepparttar 135104 type of cabaret magician you will require. If you would like lots of audience participation and laughter go for a comedy magician, if there will be lots of non-English speakers present then go for a visual act likerepparttar 135105 manipulator and if it is a very business orientated environed maybe a mind reader would be more suited.

You also see cabaret magicians at comedy clubs, cruise ships and also occasionally at motivational events whererepparttar 135106 magic is combined with a motivational speech.

Drawing room shows were almost a dead art for nearly a 100 years. They were immensely popular withrepparttar 135107 Victorians whererepparttar 135108 gentry would all gather to watch a conjurer perform magic. In recent years it is coming back into fashion at private parties where a magician may perform after dinner for 30 minutes or so. This is a taste of days gone by and is close enough for apparently no shenanigans to be going on yet far enough away to use larger effects for everyone to see. This kind of show is most related to a cabaret show butrepparttar 135109 effects are smaller and it is more interactive asrepparttar 135110 audience in only a few feet away.

When choosing a professional magician it is important to choose wisely as in any industry there are “cowboys”.

Questions you may like to ask any prospective performer you are engaging are...

How long have you been a professional? Some magicians may seem great on paper but as all know paper doesn’t refuse ink. Experience isrepparttar 135111 key in this industry so make sure they have cut their teeth.

Ashes and Snow

Written by Tara Renee Settembre

First The Gates, a large scale public art project, overtook Central Park. Now, Ashes and Snow, a photography exhibit, literally sits atoprepparttar Hudson River on Pier 54 near West 13th Street. It is alsorepparttar 134953 largest temporary exhibition space ever created in Manhattan.

Built on an abandoned waterfront pier,repparttar 134954 Nomadic Museum, a 67-foot-wide by 672-foot-long, privately-funded traveling museum is made of 148 stacked steel cargo shipping containers. Designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban,repparttar 134955 exhibition, Ashes and Snow, consists of portraits taken by Canadian-born artist Gregory Colbert.

Elementary school teacher, Heidi Laudien, 38, said she plans to bring her students torepparttar 134956 sight.

"I loverepparttar 134957 idea of a museum made from recycled materials and I want my kids to see that creative part ofrepparttar 134958 exhibit and how it illustratesrepparttar 134959 transience ofrepparttar 134960 space," she said.

The exhibit andrepparttar 134961 museum will be displayed through June 6 inrepparttar 134962 45,000-square-foot temporary structure. Afterwards, it will be dismantled and resurrected in Santa Monica, Calif, then off torepparttar 134963 Vatican City in 2006, as it continues on its nomadic adventure.

Colbert is no stranger to traveling either. His work features portraits of exotic animals and natives from his visits to places like India, Egypt, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ethiopia.

His sepia colored photographs are printed on leather looking parchment paper and held up by wires and hanging on an invisible wall alongrepparttar 134964 lengths ofrepparttar 134965 pier. The scenes depicted include large animals like elephants, whales, manatees, eagles, with much smaller mammals and children.

One photo has a child kissing a cheetah, another shows a man swimming under water with a 55-ton sperm whale, and one has a woman dancing near an adult elephant. These outrageous shots have caused visitors to question how Colbert did it. A volunteer atrepparttar 134966 museum said Colbert's process will not be revealed. In a statement released by his foundation Colbert says none of images have been superimposed or digitally collaged. He plans to add new pieces torepparttar 134967 show each timerepparttar 134968 museum moves to another destination.

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