Nobiliary law - what is it?

Written by Jan-Olov von Wowern

Nobiliary law - what is it? by Jan-Olov von Wowern

I have elsewhere defined nobiliary law as "national legislation, or international or national customs, regulating nobiliary issues. In many cases this is not codified, but rather a set of rules and traditions having gained acceptance" (see my book at

Examples of some ofrepparttar more important issues regulated by nobiliary law are:

- claims to nobility (surname, coat of arms, title) by non-noble persons. This could, but must not, include: children with one or two noble parents but born out of wedlock; stepchildren to noble parents; children to a noble lady in an agnatic family, etc.

- claims to nobility by noble persons, whererepparttar 143560 claims cannot be automatically verified. This could be e.g.repparttar 143561 inheritance of a noble title in a junior line ofrepparttar 143562 family whenrepparttar 143563 senior line becomes extinct.

- borderline cases, such as which amongrepparttar 143564 ancient patrician families were, and were not, to be numbered amongrepparttar 143565 nobility. Orrepparttar 143566 reactivation of a family's nobility after some time of voluntary or involuntary loss of nobility (usually because one or all ofrepparttar 143567 nobiliary qualities has not been used for two or more generations).

-repparttar 143568 naturalisation of foreign nobility, that isrepparttar 143569 assimilation of immigrant nobility intorepparttar 143570 domestic nobility, usually withrepparttar 143571 purpose of ensuringrepparttar 143572 foreign nobilityrepparttar 143573 same privileges asrepparttar 143574 domestic.

- heraldry, and more specificallyrepparttar 143575 use of certain symbols usually reserved forrepparttar 143576 nobility, such as coronets of nobiliary rank,repparttar 143577 use of supporters, etc. Also marshalling of arms, that isrepparttar 143578 proper combination of two or more coats of arms due to marriage between two noble families, and similar issues may be regulated.

California Businesses Incorporating In Nevada - Is It Legal?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

California is a notoriously bad state to do business in. Regulations, worker’s compensation and tax issues overwhelm companies. Seeking relief, many incorporate in Nevada. Unless done carefully, this decision can lead to disaster.

Doing Business - Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is a legal term used to define who has authority over something. Applied to this article,repparttar term refers torepparttar 143559 issue of which state hasrepparttar 143560 right to regulate a business. In California,repparttar 143561 issue boils down to whether you are considered to be “doing business” inrepparttar 143562 state.

California isrepparttar 143563 one ofrepparttar 143564 most aggressive states when it comes to defining jurisdiction. If you maintain offices or have employees inrepparttar 143565 state, you are considered to be doing business here. You must register withrepparttar 143566 state and pay taxes even if incorporated in another state. This tends to makes incorporating in Nevada an expensive option since you have to pay fees twice.

If you are caught “doing business” in California without having registered, you can be in for a rough time. Initially, back taxes and fees come due. You are also going to be fined and probably suspended from doing business until an audit can occur. The California Employment Development Department may levy back taxes and penalties. Your bank accounts may be frozen. Let’s look at an example.

The California Franchise Tax Board tends to look atrepparttar 143567 facts surrounding a particular situation. Assume I own a Nevada entity forrepparttar 143568 purpose of building web sites. I receive e-mail, snail mail and work out of my house in San Diego. The tax agency is going to takerepparttar 143569 position that I am doing business in California. My office is here. I take calls here. I dorepparttar 143570 work here. This scenario is going to be very difficult to defend. Playing outrepparttar 143571 scenario, I will probably end up going out of business due to disruptions, stress andrepparttar 143572 resulting financial burden.

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