No Website Sales? Maybe Your Site is Missing the Mark!

Written by Merle

If you've moved your brick and mortar store online or recently started an Internet business andrepparttar sales just aren't coming in,repparttar 132046 culprit may be your website.

Many people call me and say "My site's not generating sales; what can I do to get more traffic?" Before you can begin promoting, you need to take a long hard look at your website from your customers' perspective.

Customers always ask themselvesrepparttar 132047 same thing: "What's in it for me?" Your site must answer that question, and answer it fast before they click away in discouragement.

Your first step is to go to your home page and view it as a stranger who doesn't know you or your product and services. Doesrepparttar 132048 first paragraph state clearly what is being offered andrepparttar 132049 benefits you provide? It needs to. I can't tell you how many sites I've visited only to leave wondering whatrepparttar 132050 hell they do. Your home page should also use powerful "selling words" that excite people and makes them want to learn more. It should have plenty of white space and be kept free from clutter and distractions.

A lot of Web designers will try to tell you to use plenty of Flash and other bandwidth thieves. Don't... The Web is still about information and you need to deliver it without crashing your visitors' browsers or making them wait five minutes to get through a Flash intropage.

Remember this rule: "Content is king." If your site is packed with good information, you don't need fancy bells and whistles. People will like it just fine because it tells them what they want to know and more.

Keep your target market in mind. If you sell salt water fish and equipment, then your site should include tips and tricks on taking care of livestock, setting up a system, or maybe even a helpful message board where visitors can help each other out by sharing information. You want to enlighten your guests with helpful information, not just "shove" what you do down their throats. The fact is they don't care about you or what you do. Show them what's in it for them and they'll be back often, turning into lifelong customers.

Make sure your web pages include plenty of calls to action. You need to tell them what it is you want them to do for example:

Need Fresh Website Content? Syndication May be Just the Answer You're Looking For!

Written by Merle

Fresh content is an important aspect of any successful website. But who has all ofrepparttar free time that it takes to change your web pages on a daily basis? Allow me to introduce you to "syndicated content." By including syndicated content on your site, it stays fresh with very little effort on your part. So how do you get it? How does it work? Slow down... All will be revealed in due time. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Syndicated content is dynamic material that constantly changes. Your first step is finding it -- preferably, for free, although some will charge you forrepparttar 132043 privilege. In most cases all you do is fill out a short form, and are then given some HTML code to paste into your web page where you wantrepparttar 132044 content to appear. The content will automatically change depending onrepparttar 132045 service you're using, every 24 hrs, weekly or bi-weekly.

Syndicated content comes in many different forms: News feeds, stock tickers, weather updates, tips and tricks, short articles, and even graphics like cartoons. Using syndicated content saves you time since you don't have to create or maintain it and it keeps your site fresh and interesting so visitors will want to come back to see what's new. Make sure you check for any restrictions on use before signing up to use any service.

There are disadvantages to using syndications such as:

- May slow downrepparttar 132046 loading of your site due torepparttar 132047 fact thatrepparttar 132048 content is being pulled fromrepparttar 132049 syndicator's server.

- Since most free content involves a link back torepparttar 132050 syndicator's site you may lose visitors who are curious enough to click on it.

The advantages are:

- Fresh updated content with no work on your part

_ Saves you time creating new content

- Keeps visitors returning to see what's new

OK, so it sounds great, but where do you find it? Here are some links you may wish to investigate:

Live News feeds Syndicates over 850 sources to well over 210,000 websites. Most of their feeds come with a price tag, but some are free. This is my personal favorite, with over 300 categories to choose from. Pick a topic that matchesrepparttar 132051 theme of your site; you can even controlrepparttar 132052 link colors and size.

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