No Stress Holidays

Written by Theresa Frasch

The holidays are coming soon. Get organized now, and you'll have plenty of time to spend with your family. With everything that needs to be done throughoutrepparttar holiday season, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a simple system that would help you get your holiday season organized? Start with a family meeting. Family meetings are perfect for organizing things from chore schedules to parties. It's alsorepparttar 131447 perfect time for everyone to keep in touch with each other. Schedule one or two per holiday season. Start now for Thanksgiving and schedule another one for Christmas beforerepparttar 131448 end of November. Schedule a call-free hour for each planning session and letrepparttar 131449 answering machine field calls. Planning early will give everyone something fun to look forward to. Don't overbook your schedule. Pickrepparttar 131450 things you enjoy doingrepparttar 131451 most, and focus on them. This way, you'll have plenty of additional time for yourself and your family. Purchase a five section divided notebook (or use pages from your personal organizer). Title each ofrepparttar 131452 dividers as follows: Holiday Schedule, Gifts, Meals, Parties, and Extras. Holiday Schedule Inrepparttar 131453 Holiday Schedule section of your notebook, paste in a calendar page forrepparttar 131454 month of December. This section will berepparttar 131455 center of all holiday activities. That is why it is so important to have a family meeting, making sure everybody gets to do and participate in what he/she likes best. On this page keep track of all holiday events and parties, including school programs, concerts, and work parties. Remember to include your favorite television specials and family traditions such as viewingrepparttar 131456 Live Nativity orrepparttar 131457 Christmas Light Tour. Donít forget gettingrepparttar 131458 Christmas tree and decoratingrepparttar 131459 house.

Inrepparttar 131460 same section of your notebook numberrepparttar 131461 pages from 1 to 31 and use these pages as your daily calendar. Asrepparttar 131462 month progresses you will appreciaterepparttar 131463 open spaces ofrepparttar 131464 daily calendar for scheduling events and activities. Remember to schedule in shopping for gifts along with wrapping and mailing them. This would be a good spot to schedule in Christmas cards, too, writing them and getting them intorepparttar 131465 mail.


Inrepparttar 131466 Gift section of your notebook write a heading across each page as needed. Kidís Wish List requires a page for each child. Copy directly from their list or paste it in. Gift Ideas should be a couple of pages devoted to jotting down gift ideas as they come up while shopping, watching TV or talking to someone. Stocking Stuffer Ideas should followrepparttar 131467 same format as gift ideas but jotting down stocking stuffer ideas instead. The Master Gift List isrepparttar 131468 key to your budget and your sanity. Onrepparttar 131469 Master gift list use a page for each person or group of people (people from work, nieces and nephews, etc.) and keep track of what you actually buy and how much you spend. This isrepparttar 131470 key to making sure you donít forget anybody, that you donít spend too much, and that your spending is balanced. Holiday Meals

The Fate of Public Enemy Number One

Written by Tom Horn

THE FATE OF PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE We live in a world of patterns. But, according to science, patterns are unlikely. Any patterns that do occur are described as chance events that become quickly reabsorbed into a pervading trend towards formlessness or featurelessness. You can test this easily. Take several coins and pile them up, one on top ofrepparttar other, onrepparttar 131445 palm of your hand. You will observe a 'cylinder' of coins - a recognizable pattern. Now toss them onrepparttar 131446 ground. If three or four of those coins wound up in a pattern you would be surprised. If you tossedrepparttar 131447 coins again and they fell intorepparttar 131448 same pattern you would be completely flabbergasted. What generally happens, of course, is thatrepparttar 131449 coins wind up in a scattered arrangement onrepparttar 131450 ground. All ofrepparttar 131451 natural forces identified by science, except one, lead to randomness. The exception is gravity, which leads torepparttar 131452 simple spherical shapes of planets and stars. But evenrepparttar 131453 stars and planets are scattered acrossrepparttar 131454 heavens. If there are any patterns, these have occurred by chance and will not last.† But gravity cannot account for allrepparttar 131455 complex patterns and structures that repeat everywhere you look. Here on earth there are people, animals, plants, fish, birds, reptiles, insects. There are any number of repeating patterns of behaviour. Why? . Science and logic attempt to explainrepparttar 131456 existence of patterns and structures by saying that chance is responsible for them. According to our learned duo,repparttar 131457 whole world is a clockwork, predictable process in which order and routine appear by chance within a general trend towards featurelessness. In other words,repparttar 131458 routines of your life occur by accident and always in an onward march towards meaninglessness, dissipation andrepparttar 131459 grave. Logic and science say that, ultimately, your bones will be nothing more than so much dust blowing in someone else's eyes. Well, that is one explanation. Now I will tell you a secret that logic and science are not aware of. Most ofrepparttar 131460 patterns and routines that drive your actions and those that you encounter in your daily life have no logical antecedents. This means that there is no chain of causes and effects that you could trace that would lead up torepparttar 131461 routine or structure in question. 'Patterns' just emerge intorepparttar 131462 world in a surprising way. The patterns of development that emerge as if from nowhere repeat themselves in every era. Originally they were depicted inrepparttar 131463 great mythological stories. One such isrepparttar 131464 Greek myth of Phaeton. This is an important story becauserepparttar 131465 pattern of development that grippedrepparttar 131466 central character is common inrepparttar 131467 modern world. Phaeton's father wasrepparttar 131468 Sun God. Now this God was far away inrepparttar 131469 sky, so Phaeton was brought up by his mother alone. One dayrepparttar 131470 young Phaeton's pride was hurt when his great lineage was doubted by an acquaintance. So Phaeton went to his mother and asked for proof that his father wasrepparttar 131471 Sun God. The great lady directed her son torepparttar 131472 land inrepparttar 131473 east whererepparttar 131474 sun rose. Phaeton traveled there and was greeted byrepparttar 131475 Sun God who confirmed that he was indeed his father. As an act of good will,repparttar 131476 Sun God grants Phaeton a wish. The young man, still smarting from damaged pride, asks to be allowed to drive his father's chariot acrossrepparttar 131477 sky. Because of his inexperience, he was warned not to attempt such a feat. But Phaeton could not be dissuaded and he launches himself forward inrepparttar 131478 chariot. Eventually, control is lost andrepparttar 131479 fiery chariot lurches towardsrepparttar 131480 earth threatening a great scorching ofrepparttar 131481 land. Before damage could be done Phaeton is blasted out ofrepparttar 131482 sky by a thunderbolt and is killed. Now what possible relevance could that story have for today's world? Well, it isrepparttar 131483 'pattern' of development that is important. The absent father. Offspring brought up by lone female. Lack of self-esteem. The young person biting off more than they can chew. The catastrophic fall to earth. The children of unmarried mothers are very much 'available' to this archetypal pattern. Perhapsrepparttar 131484 youngsters turn to crime and are emboldened by some early success. They climb to dizzy heights of notoriety. But, in their battle against authority, they have taken on more than they can handle andrepparttar 131485 police inevitably catch up with them, bring them down to earth and cast them into gaol. In those lives,repparttar 131486 mysterious living trend of Phaeton will have been fulfilled. Many privileged people, politicians, industrialists and people inrepparttar 131487 public eye suffer a similar fate withinrepparttar 131488 channel of their individual activity. Hitler, for example, did not get on with a father who died when he was thirteen. He then went on to liverepparttar 131489 tragedy of Phaeton. If you examine these lives you will discover an absent father or a weak father or perhaps they were sent away to boarding school. This lack of a male role model will preventrepparttar 131490 optimum 'plan' for their lives from unfolding and they will become available torepparttar 131491 one-sided living trend depicted inrepparttar 131492 myth of Phaeton.†

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