No Stars for the Eclipse

Written by Robert Levin

One weathercaster called it a “must-see light and shadow show byrepparttar Old Master Himself,” but I can’t say this last solar eclipse was worthy ofrepparttar 136559 recommendation. Not even total, and staged (in my location anyway) behind a thick cloud cover that served only to diffuserepparttar 136560 vivid contrasts essential to any dramatic effect,repparttar 136561 “Old Master” might have been faxing it in from deep space somewhere for allrepparttar 136562 incandescence it could claim. Quite frankly, as light shows go, I thought more interesting work was being done atrepparttar 136563 Electric Circus back inrepparttar 136564 '60s.

Now let’s please not have any misunderstandings. I’m aware that I’m criticizingrepparttar 136565 performance of a venerable figure who, overrepparttar 136566 eons and in every conceivable form and category, has compiled an impressive oeuvre. If I have to confess that a lot of His stuff is not to my taste, that I find much of it heavy-handed or impenetrable (when, indeed, it is not distracted and slack), this doesn’t mean I’ve failed to recognizerepparttar 136567 enormous contribution He’s made.

I’m thinking, of course, ofrepparttar 136568 models some of His stunning manipulations ofrepparttar 136569 more volatile natural elements provided forrepparttar 136570 Irwin Allen disaster films. And, to be sure, there’s His introduction of death itself which, brilliantly counterbalancing His earlier invention of genders and sex, forestalledrepparttar 136571 unwieldy prospect of twenty-thousand expansion teams in justrepparttar 136572 American League East (and, say,repparttar 136573 2005 playoffs extending well intorepparttar 136574 2020 season). But that’s hardly beenrepparttar 136575 limit of this remarkable innovation’s reach and impact. In its absence, "Scream 2," which everyone agrees was even better than "Scream," would doubtless have languished in perpetual turnaround since filmgoers would have foundrepparttar 136576 emotions of fear and panic depicted inrepparttar 136577 original much too weird and elusive for a sequel to ever be greenlighted.

Top 10 Things to make your next company meeting more exciting Part 1

Written by

10. Take notes in finger paint.

9. Bring a huge jar of Vaseline torepparttar meeting. Display it prominently and keep mutteringrepparttar 136506 words “I came prepared”

8. Laugh uproariously at a quip that was made 2 or 3 minutes ago. Say, "Oh, _now_ I get it!"

7. Wear a disposable paper facemask. Tellrepparttar 136507 group: "Hey, you don't want to catch what I've got!"

6. Make a face like somebody beside you farted.

5. Stand up and act indignant. Demand thatrepparttar 136508 boss tell you “the real reason” this meeting has been called.

4. Have someone deliver a large cardboard box to you inrepparttar 136509 conference room. Apologize while you sign for it. About half an hour later, have a different person deliver another one.

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