No One Expects The Inquisition

Written by The Indy Voice

I was just thinking aboutrepparttar ludicrous nature ofrepparttar 138357 Republicans killingrepparttar 138358 filibuster. Something struck me as odd when I was reading an email onrepparttar 138359 subject. You seerepparttar 138360 use ofrepparttar 138361 filibuster started in 1806. For those of you keeping score that would be 199 years ago. I thought torepparttar 138362 recent debate about removingrepparttar 138363 word "God" fromrepparttar 138364 pledge of allegiance. During a discussion with a European mate I was enlightened torepparttar 138365 fact that most ofrepparttar 138366 free world doesn't have a pledge and they look at us and consider our pledge to be a wee bit scary. I guess it kind of reminds them ofrepparttar 138367 nationalism that allowed Hitler to murder 30 million people on their continent.

Anyway, I was thinking that in a country with a political climate as bizarre as ours why would conservatives push so strongly to keeprepparttar 138368 word "God" inrepparttar 138369 pledge when they don't feelrepparttar 138370 need to keeprepparttar 138371 filibuster. I decided to look intorepparttar 138372 history ofrepparttar 138373 pledge and found, of all things, irony. First of all, according to Kerby Anderson's Commentariesrepparttar 138374 pledge was only written in "1892 by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister who also embraced many socialist ideas." The original writing DID NOT includerepparttar 138375 word "God." In fact, "God" wasn't added until 1954. That's just 51 years ago. Most people I know are older than that!

Friday the 13th . . .

Written by Rich Brunelle

Fridayrepparttar 13th . . .

Who’s afraid of Fridayrepparttar 138259 13th? Shoot, aint nothing but another day. Or, so I thought. Let me tell you a story about my day.

My day starts out with me waking up late and having to hurry to school. I'm a senior this year and we are just a few more weeks before graduation. As I get ready to rush outrepparttar 138260 door I realize that I'm very hungry. So, as I pass throughrepparttar 138261 kitchen I grab a mango and a knife and head forrepparttar 138262 door. During my walk to school, I cut and eatrepparttar 138263 mango hoping to satisfy this ache in my stomach.

Later duringrepparttar 138264 day, I stand up. And, almost immediately fall right back down. The next thing I know other students are telling me how I passed-out. Myself, I don't have a clue what they are talking about. But feeling weak I sit down outsiderepparttar 138265 classroom to regain my composure. A moment or two later I am helped torepparttar 138266 school Office where Staff try to ascertain my condition and notify my parents of my falling sick.

I left my "Book-Bag" outsiderepparttar 138267 classroom and told one ofrepparttar 138268 school staff about it. I was taken torepparttar 138269 Vice Principals Office to relax and wait for a parent to come pick me up. A few minutes laterrepparttar 138270 Assistant Principal is called fromrepparttar 138271 office, returning a few minutes later advising me that Staff had found a knife in my "Book-Bag." This is not a big deal to me. I don't think ofrepparttar 138272 knife as a weapon. I don't want to harm anybody. I am not a murderer. "It's a knife. I used it to eat my fruit." So, that's what I tellrepparttar 138273 Assistant Principal.

A few minutes laterrepparttar 138274 Assistant Principal hands me a "Witness Form," telling me to prepare a statement regardingrepparttar 138275 knife found in my Book-Bag. (At this time let me tell you a little more about myself.) I have never been in trouble before. The most serious offense I have ever committed is riding a bicycle without a helmet. I have no criminal record. I do not use drugs. And, withrepparttar 138276 exception of a little experimentation about six months ago, in which I made a complete ass of myself, I do not drink alcohol. I would probably be a 4.0 Honor Roll Student if I didn't haverepparttar 138277 hormones of an eighteen year old while surrounded by a couple hundred fifteen to eighteen year old pin-up girls all day long. But that's a different story. The point I'm trying to make is, I am a good kid. I do not run withrepparttar 138278 gangs. I do not cause problems at school. Heck, I even go to Church most Sundays.

So, imagine my surprise when after taking my "Statement" in which I admit that I had broughtrepparttar 138279 knife to school with me,repparttar 138280 Assistant Principal advises me that she has contactedrepparttar 138281 Police and I am to be arrested for having possession of a weapon at school. Atrepparttar 138282 time I wasn't real concerned about it. I was more concerned with my feelings of weakness and general disorientation, which shortly thereafter resulted in bothrepparttar 138283 Fire Department and an Ambulance being dispatched torepparttar 138284 school to rescue me.

My ill health, nor my parents were able to rescue me from being charged with possession ofrepparttar 138285 knife. Which I still hadn't recognizedrepparttar 138286 seriousness of. Okay, so I get a "ticket" and sent home with my parents, right? Wrong! Were I still Seventeen, that would berepparttar 138287 case. But, as with many seniors, I recently turned eighteen. No Cite and Release. They informed my parents and I that I would be charged as an adult for a felony.

So school has just ended forrepparttar 138288 day. My Fridayrepparttar 138289 13th is in full motion and there's absolutely no way of stopping it. I leaverepparttar 138290 school forrepparttar 138291 day strapped on a gurney inside an ambulance on my way to a local hospital, being followed by a Sheriff’s Deputy.

It is now Mondayrepparttar 138292 sixteenth. I have been locked up inrepparttar 138293 local jail with a bunch of jerks that decide to mess with me all weekend. A couple even try to intimidate me in to performing sexual acts, without success. After about four hours and what will probably amount to a few thousand dollars in medical expenses,repparttar 138294 Hospital released me torepparttar 138295 custody ofrepparttar 138296 Sheriffs Department who transported me torepparttar 138297 local jail where I was charged with a felony count of being in possession of a weapon on school grounds. And, although I was a local resident still living at home with my parents without any prior criminal history, I was not allowed "O.R." release. Instead I was given a bail amount of five thousand dollars. I understand that this is five hundred dollars payment to a Bail Bonds, but I do not have that kind of cash. My parents are struggling to find a way to pay a 48 Hour Notice from PG&E so they do not haverepparttar 138298 ability to bail me out either. So, now I wait to appear before a Judge three days later.

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