No Kids at the Wedding Please - How to Say it Tastefully

Written by Robin Williams

As much as you love your nieces, nephews and even your own children, some of you know that an otherwise perfect day can be tarnished by a misbehaving little one. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so what should you do? If you don't mind kids at your wedding, then this article is not for you. If your are inrepparttar other group, read on...

If you are reading this you are probably afraid of being labeled as selfish or a child hater, but this is your day. You planned for it, paid for it and deserve to have itrepparttar 125445 way you want. Even if you are being selfish, having paid a few thousand dollars or more says you have right to be!

Well enough ofrepparttar 125446 pep talk. You must be open and honest fromrepparttar 125447 very beginning. Waiting to long in fear of causing trouble will only make matters worse and leave you feeling even more "guilty" when some people were expecting to bring their little ones fromrepparttar 125448 start. Most people will understand and some have asked it for their own weddings, but there are still a few that need to be told. Here are some ofrepparttar 125449 ways to getrepparttar 125450 message across early:

1. Send it withrepparttar 125451 invitation. That right. You could put it on a separate card and make a reference to it being an adults only event. You may not want to say "no kids please" becauserepparttar 125452 words "adults only" is less likely to be seen negatively.

2. Call each and every person who you believe is coming and be honest and upfront. Don't take too long withrepparttar 125453 small talk and try to end on a positive note. It would also be a good idea to have babysitters in a separate room atrepparttar 125454 wedding in case someone forgets or just had to bring little Mark.

Pressure Washer Selection

Written by Victor Popovics

How to selectrepparttar right pressure washer? Deciding which pressure washer to purchase can be an overwhelming task. If you buy a unit that is not powerful enough forrepparttar 125444 cleaning job you are performing, it will useless. Onrepparttar 125445 other hand, if you buy a washer that is too powerful for your needs, you may damagerepparttar 125446 object that you are trying to clean and you will end up spending more money than necessary trying to repair it. Here is a general guideline on how to make a wise choice for your investment: ·First, you have to determine what arerepparttar 125447 jobs you will be performing with your pressure washer. Your work may range anywhere from washing a car, patio, barbecue grill, boat, your home to commercial, agricultural and industrial work. There are three major categories of pressure washers: residential, commercial and industrial. Residential units are designed to work up to 500 hrs, commercial 2000 hrs and industrial around 3000 hrs of operation. Homeowner type machines use aluminum pump heads and plastic valves. As such, they do not wear well. Commercial machines use brass heads and much more durable parts thenrepparttar 125448 consumer line. Industrial machines are built withrepparttar 125449 best quality components including forged brass pump heads and stainless steel valves. As such, they do not easily corrode like aluminum found in homeowner type units. ·Second, you will have to make a decision whether you want to use an electric, gasoline, diesel or oil powered

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