No Just Means The Next Opportunity

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

I am always thankful when someone tells me, "No." I have learned not to take it personally. The word "No" doesn't mean anything about me. What it means is I need to findrepparttar next opportunity and find someone who does want my services. The answer "No" frees me to move on and look forrepparttar 127322 "Yes."

I remember when I first started my own business and someone would tell me, "No." I took it so personally. I took "No" to mean they didn't think I was very good, they didn't like me, or they didn't think I knew what I was doing. The funny thing is "No" doesn't mean any of those things. When someone tells us "No," it has nothing to do with us. It has to do withrepparttar 127323 other person. And saying, "No" doesn't makerepparttar 127324 other person bad. It just means that whatever we are offering isn't anything they want right now.

If we reframerepparttar 127325 word "No" and simply look at it as an opportunity to findrepparttar 127326 next "Yes," it takesrepparttar 127327 sting out.

"No" doesn't

How To Turn The Biggest Sceptics Into Eager Buyers

Written by Kris Mills

When making a purchasing decision, people have their "rip off radars" on high beam. They're wary and so they should be -- after all, they're about to spend money so they want to be sure they're not going to get ripped off, AND they want to be sure they're going to getrepparttar absolute best return on their advertising dollar.

Anyone can claim something generates great results. And they often do.

Here are some ways to dissolve scepticism and prove your claims:

1. Testimonials

You can never underestimaterepparttar 127321 power of testimonials. Testimonials will add enormous power to your copy. Because a 'real' third person is backing you up, your claims have much more credibility. The best testimonials to use are ones that tell about specific results a client has achieved. eg.

"Our turnover has more than DOUBLED inrepparttar 127322 last financial year, during a recession and much of that has been due to your great service."

"I lost 16 kgs in just 6 weeks and it was so easy"

2. Test results

Prove to your prospects that your product or service really works by including any test results that prove that or position you above your competitors. Make sure that they are independent tests so they are seen as being reliable. Statistics can also work wonders in backing up your claims.

3. Money back guarantee

When prospects are deciding between companies and between products there is always a conscious or subconscious fear inrepparttar 127323 back of their minds... a fear that they are going to be ripped off, orrepparttar 127324 product isn't going to live up to its promises. After all, your prospect is about to hand over money so he/she wants to make sure it is money well spent.

There are many ways (includingrepparttar 127325 ones mentioned in previous sections) to prove to your customersrepparttar 127326 reliability and quality of your service or product but none of them compare to offering a guarantee.

If you offer a powerful money back guarantee, you are showing your prospect that you are willing to stand behind your product. You are willing to put your money where your mouth is. You are willing to risk a refund because you believe inrepparttar 127327 product so much.

You've probably seen some businesses using a half hearted approach at offering guarantees. These simply don't work. eg. Personal service guaranteed. A guarantee is useless unless you offer a refund or replacement as a result of not living up to that guarantee. You need to state these terms in your guarantee.

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