No, You Canít

Written by Jackie Ulmer

Have you heardrepparttar word "NO" a few times in your business?

Maybe you heard it while you were inrepparttar 117952 planning stages, just

developing your business idea and your business plan. Possibly,

some people very close to you said "No, you canít do that." Or,

"No, you shouldnít do that."

Perhaps, it was after you got your business started and you

asked someone to take a look at it and give you their opinion.

They might have said "No, that will never work." Or, "No,

thatís not for me."

According to PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, byrepparttar 117953 time a child

reaches 18 years of age,repparttar 117954 concept of "NO, YOU CAN'T!"

has been reinforced 187,000 times, whereasrepparttar 117955 concept of

"YES, YOU CAN!" has been reinforced only about 25 times!!!

Do you see why so many of us grow up to be failures, or

afraid to try anything out ofrepparttar 117956 "norm"? Itís because we

have been programmed that way! We do not believe that we can!

Can you imagine how much greater we would all be if we

just heardrepparttar 117957 word "YES" a little more in our lives?

If you are in business or planning a business, I suggest you

just scratchrepparttar 117958 word "NO" from your vocabulary. Just refuse

to hear it and start hearingrepparttar 117959 word "YES", even if itís only

in your own mind.

"YES, I can do this!"

"YES, I can do this exceptionally well!"

"YES, no one has ever done it better!"

You are going to have discouraging times in your business.

I donít care who you are or what you do, there will be

hundreds (thousands) of times that you will want to quit.

Just throw inrepparttar 117960 towel. Go back to your NORMAL life,

in your NORMAL job, with your NORMAL friends, in

Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors ... One of the Most Expensive Mistakes of Them All! Part 2

Written by Elena Fawkner


Unfortunately, as far asrepparttar various government agencies are concerned, there is not one single test that determines whether Joe is your employee or an independent contractor. Even more difficult, it is quite possible that forrepparttar 117951 purposes of one government agency Joe is considered to be an independent contractor while for another he is treated as an employee.

=> The IRS/Common Law "Control" Test

The IRS followsrepparttar 117952 common law "control" test for determining whether someone is an employee or independent contractor. This test looks at 20 factors as being indicative (and only indicative) of whetherrepparttar 117953 person is an employee or independent contractor. The test basically involves a balancing of these factors -- which way doesrepparttar 117954 scale tip?

Here arerepparttar 117955 IRS factors:

1. Whetherrepparttar 117956 worker can earn a profit or suffer a loss fromrepparttar 117957 activity (if so,repparttar 117958 more likely it is thatrepparttar 117959 worker is an independent contractor). 2. Whetherrepparttar 117960 worker is told where to work (indicative of employee status). 3. Whetherrepparttar 117961 worker offers his or her services torepparttar 117962 general public (indicative of independent contractor status). 4. Whetherrepparttar 117963 worker can be fired byrepparttar 117964 hiring firm. 5. Whetherrepparttar 117965 worker furnishesrepparttar 117966 tools and materials needed to dorepparttar 117967 work (indicative of independent contractor status). 6. Whetherrepparttar 117968 worker is paid byrepparttar 117969 job or byrepparttar 117970 hour (independent contractors are more likely to be paid byrepparttar 117971 job; employees byrepparttar 117972 hour). 7. Whetherrepparttar 117973 worker works for more than one firm at a time (indicative of independent contractor status). 8. Whetherrepparttar 117974 worker has a continuing relationship withrepparttar 117975 hiring firm (indicative of employee status). 9. Whetherrepparttar 117976 worker invests in equipment and facilities (indicative of independent contractor status). 10. Whetherrepparttar 117977 worker pays his or her own business and traveling expenses (indicative of independent contractor status). 11. Whetherrepparttar 117978 worker hasrepparttar 117979 right to quit without incurring liability (indicative of employee status). 12. Whetherrepparttar 117980 worker receives instructions fromrepparttar 117981 hiring firm (indicative of employee status). 13. Whetherrepparttar 117982 worker is told how to performrepparttar 117983 work (indicative of employee status). 14. Whetherrepparttar 117984 worker receives training fromrepparttar 117985 hiring firm (indicative of employee status). 15. Whetherrepparttar 117986 worker performsrepparttar 117987 services personally. 16. Whetherrepparttar 117988 worker hires and pays assistants (indicative of independent contractor status). 17. Whetherrepparttar 117989 worker sets his or her own working hours (indicative of independent contractor status). 18. Whetherrepparttar 117990 worker provides regular progress reports torepparttar 117991 hiring firm. 19. Whetherrepparttar 117992 worker works full-time forrepparttar 117993 hiring firm (indicative of employee status). 20. Whetherrepparttar 117994 worker provides services that are an integral part ofrepparttar 117995 hiring firm's day-to-day operations (indicative of employee status).

It is important to note that none ofrepparttar 117996 above factors are, of themselves, determinative. The IRS will balance all ofrepparttar 117997 factors to determine which side ofrepparttar 117998 equation is favored.

=> Other Agencies

The other government agencies with which you need to be concerned are:

1. Your state Unemployment Compensation Board. 2. Your state Workers' Compensation Insurance Agency. 3. Your state Tax Department. 4. Your state/federal Department of Labor.

Unfortunately each state agency varies in its approach to determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor. Many states' agencies use a statutory test focusing on just a few ofrepparttar 117999 "control" test factors. You should therefore find outrepparttar 118000 factors that your state's agencies take into account before hiring any independent contractors. Most of this information will be available onrepparttar 118001 agency's website. If not, call them and get them to send you information about their policies.

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