Ninjutsu - Ninja Secrets For Modern-Day Ninja Master

Written by Graeme Sprigge

How to Become A Modern-day Ninja Master

The ninja were a military order in Japan. Most people have seen them in movies and fictional books.

They arerepparttar guys dressed inrepparttar 136810 black suits that seem to have amazing powers, such as climbingrepparttar 136811 outside of buildings with no rope, or jumping straight up into trees.

But behind all that isrepparttar 136812 true mystery ofrepparttar 136813 ninja master, who has very definite training. The actual martial art has a name, which is ninjutsu. Jutsu is a Japanese word for way.

The Joys of Death

Written by White Feather

We live in a dimension of duality. Everything has its opposite. You cannot have death without birth, and you cannot have birth without death. When we die to our physical bodies we are born into spirit, and when we're born into bodies we are experiencing a death fromrepparttar spiritual. It's a matter of perspective, but you can't have one withoutrepparttar 136382 other.

Birth is generally considered a joyful event. Since every death is also a birth there should be some joy in death, too, no? And since every birth is also a death, births can be painful and fearful, too. Birth can actually be more of a traumatic event than death. Imagine dying to your life inrepparttar 136383 spiritual then entering a helpless little body and shooting out ofrepparttar 136384 birth canal. And then you're stuck in that little helpless body and all your memory is gone.

Dying inrepparttar 136385 spiritual dimensions is similar to dying inrepparttar 136386 physical. First, you lose your body then you go through some kind of tunnel-like thing, and then voila! you're in a different dimension. Death and birth arerepparttar 136387 same thing! They arerepparttar 136388 very same thing!

Death and birth are two sides ofrepparttar 136389 very same coin. This polarity is ubiquitous in our reality. Birth/death is going on allrepparttar 136390 time. The person we were five minutes ago is already dead. They no longer exist! Every single minute of every day we are dying and being born. We birth a new self with each passing minute. All we have to do is look to nature to seerepparttar 136391 endless birth/death cycles. We cannot birth something unless we die to something. Death is important.

It isrepparttar 136392 human tendency, however, to think ofrepparttar 136393 phsyical deaths of our bodies when we think about death. This brings up fear, so we start trying to mentally block out death. We no longer seerepparttar 136394 importance of and beauty of death in its integral part of ongoing life. When we shift our focus away from death, we no longer give itrepparttar 136395 energy it needs and what happens is we stop birthing as much. Any diminishment in our level of dying leads to a diminishment of birthing. For instance, in order to birth new ideas, we must let some old ideas die.

Birth/death, birth/death, birth/death. They go together. If you try to do without one, then eventually you start doing withoutrepparttar 136396 other.

So let's changerepparttar 136397 focus and talk aboutrepparttar 136398 joys of death excluding death ofrepparttar 136399 physical body. Let's talk aboutrepparttar 136400 joys of death that happen on a daily basis;repparttar 136401 little deaths that happen continually. How many times do you die on a daily basis?

What about anger? Say you hold a lot of anger for a particular person. Can you die to that anger? Would that be a good thing? What birth would occur simultaneous with that death?

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