Night Vision

Written by Jonny McPhil

Night Vision is an optical device consisting of high-quality image intensifier tubes and optics that amplify existing light. The Night Vision gives yourepparttar ability to see in conditions that are too dark for a naked eye. Every Night Vision product has an Infrared Illuminator. The Infrared Illuminator provides a light source forrepparttar 148044 system to amplifyrepparttar 148045 images. It can give yourepparttar 148046 enhanced images in very low light conditions, such as caves, where no ambient light is available for amplification ofrepparttar 148047 objects inside.

The working principle of a Night Vision is simple as well as interesting. In very dark conditions,repparttar 148048 available light, like starlight, moonlight or infra-red light is gathered byrepparttar 148049 front Objective Lens ofrepparttar 148050 Night Vision. The objective lens then transmits it through a set of optical lenses torepparttar 148051 Electronic Intensifier Tube (EIT.). The high levels of energy that is produced byrepparttar 148052 device's intricate power supply rap out electrons fromrepparttar 148053 Photocathode Screen, located onrepparttar 148054 front ofrepparttar 148055 Electronic Intensifier Tube.

The same energy fromrepparttar 148056 EIT generates a highly static field, pushingrepparttar 148057 electrons torepparttar 148058 Phosphorescent Screen, which is a very sensitive layer atrepparttar 148059 back ofrepparttar 148060 EIT. These electrons strikerepparttar 148061 Phosphorescent Screen with immense speed and allow it to illuminate. This whole procedure produces an image, which is then magnified byrepparttar 148062 Ocular Lens located atrepparttar 148063 back ofrepparttar 148064 Night Vision. By looking throughrepparttar 148065 ocular lens ofrepparttar 148066 Night Vision, you will seerepparttar 148067 image as you see in a normal optical device.

Wikipedia Vs Britanica Encyclopaedia madness

Written by Yasir Ikram

Whenrepparttar information highway evolves into a planet of shared knowledge, there has to be a method torepparttar 147955 madness. Toward this end, wikis are revolutionisingrepparttar 147956 way we handle information.

WIKIPEDIA: Wikipedia is a web-based, free content encyclopardia that is a collaborative effort involving several volunteers. wikipedia currently contains 1.5 million articles, more than 570,000 if which are in its english language edition, while german edition boasts 200,000 articles. The Japanese and French editions house approximately 100,000 articles each. These articles are constantly edited and added to by volunteers primarily following a "neutral point of view" guideline.

BRITANNICA: By comparison,repparttar 147957 Encyclopaedia Britannica has only 80,000 articles hencerepparttar 147958 enormity of wikipedia alone is a clear measure of its success. wikipedia has more than 512 million word as of May 2005. Even taking every single revision of wikipedia into account, its entire database stands at only 35 gigabytes - they don`t even make hard drives that small anymore.

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