Niches - The Path to More Profits

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

Hey, as business owners we CAN'T be all things for all customers. I mean it would be fantastic if we could, however, you just can't meetrepparttar needs and wants of everyone, you would run yourself ragged trying :o(

BUT ... that doesn't mean you throw your hands up in dispair and give up ;o) Stick with me for a few minutes and we'll go over a few ideas that come to mind and see if they get your creative juices flowing.

Firstly, whatrepparttar 144155 heck is a "Niche" anyway?? I mean I am sure you have seenrepparttar 144156 word flying aroundrepparttar 144157 Internet and a lot more lately. You've seen newsletter articles and email letters from some ofrepparttar 144158 top guru's now sprouting "Niche" asrepparttar 144159 new "catch" word ofrepparttar 144160 time.

The term is NOT NEW. Basically a "niche" is finding a specific target market and catering to their specific wants and needs.

Ummm let me give you an example...

As a marketing coach/consultant my business is providing a service "marketing" to businesses. Now obviouslyrepparttar 144161 business arena is too general so what I want to do is break it down into bite size sectors or smaller target markets. I may want to deal specifically torepparttar 144162 needs and wants of Dental Offices and decide to specialize in Dental Office Marketing. I could take onrepparttar 144163 legal sector and specialize in marketing legal practices.

Get where I am going here??

I can't be all things to all businesses out there, so I breakrepparttar 144164 business sector down into target markets andrepparttar 144165 findrepparttar 144166 ones that I want to specialize in and cater to that group specifically.

Now, you may be thinking ok, that's good for you being a marketing coach, but I am an affiliate for a does "niche marketing" affect me?

Glad you asked ;o)

When people first come online withrepparttar 144167 desire to start some sort of eBusiness they typically go intorepparttar 144168 "emarketing" niche and promote products/services with a marketing theme. It makes sense from a marketing point of view, you go where there is demand.

However, with demand also comes competition andrepparttar 144169 "online marketing" arena is saturated and highly competitive.

So...what do you do?

Well, what you need to do is sit and think of markets outside ofrepparttar 144170 "online marketing" arena which could also use your products/ services and target your messages specifically to them.

Umm I feel an example coming on here...ah ok, here is one for you.

Lets say you are an affiliate for an autoresponder service. Excellent service because you know that anyone who starts a business online needs an autoresponder. While that is great, what isn't so hot isrepparttar 144171 fact that you are notrepparttar 144172 only autoresponder service in cyber-land and they too are targetingrepparttar 144173 same niche you are.

But...the difference between you and them is this article ;o)

See, we all go forrepparttar 144174 obvious niche or target market when we sign onto an affiliate program. We go afterrepparttar 144175 others just like us and market to them. What we fail to do is findrepparttar 144176 OTHER niches or target markets out there that haven't heard of an autoresponder and have no idea what it is let alone how much time we can save them.

Email Marketing Systems to Help Boost Exposure and Profits... System #3 - Simple Steps to Developing An Automated Income Stream

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

I know, I know you readrepparttar title of this month's eMail Marketing System and are saying to yourself "is there anything SIMPLE about marketing???"

Well, so far you have been given two systems that are SIMPLE to put to use within your own business. They might take just a little bit of time in gatheringrepparttar 144128 tools you need, but once you have them, you are good to GO!!

In your marketing efforts you want to use as many cost effective tactics at once. Tactics that once they are set up bascially run on their own.

So, let's keep that momentum going and keep to this idea of SIMPLE eMail Marketing Systems that anyone, regardless of level of experience can do ;o)

Today's system is an eCourse. Now before you click off here, just hang for a little bit and I will show you just how EASY it is to put together...AND how an eCourse can work at generating additional income streams for you.

Firstrepparttar 144129 why...

An ecourse can be setup to operate by itself without any additional work or effort on your part. You just plug it into an autoresponder, set up a little link within your email signature block, add a link on your site, perhaps run an ad to draw people in to take it...and BINGO you are on your way to building a list.

I know that you knowrepparttar 144130 benefits of an ecourse and I don't want to really focus too much in that area...list building isrepparttar 144131 key to ALL your marketing efforts and an ecourse is a fantastic tool for that!

How To Develop a Course of Your Own...

Ah..that isrepparttar 144132 question!!

You have two ways in which you can go about developing a course of your own, you can:

1. pick a theme and develop content via your knowledge in repparttar 144133 particular theme you have choosen. Let me give you a quick example:

If you run a dating site then you may want to develop an ecourse geared towards members ofrepparttar 144134 site. The theme could be "How to Attract Mr. or Miss. Right!" Your course discussrepparttar 144135 ways in which a person writes their profile, what sorts of pictures to use, how to respond to an interested person. Anything that will help your member stand out onrepparttar 144136 site so that they get what they are looking for...a date (or mate asrepparttar 144137 case may be).

2. pick a theme and use content that other people have developed that is in keeping with that theme. THE MOST EASIEST way to go for people who feel they are NOT writers. The internet is full of good, solid content inrepparttar 144138 form of articles, reviews, interviews. All you need to do is findrepparttar 144139 content and set it up into a logical 5 or 7 day format and BINGO, you have your own course and you virtually didn't write a cool is that!!!

It is very easy to put together an eCourse of your own. It takes a bit of time but once you get one eCourse under your belt you'll be surprised at just how quickly you can pull them together after.

Now, I want to "show yourepparttar 144140 money," or actually how you can weave in your very own income streams...

Withinrepparttar 144141 template you use include a "Sponsor Ad" atrepparttar 144142 top. Something like this...

--------Today's Sponsor --------

Onrepparttar 144143 corner of walk and don't walk with your marketing? Need a BOOST? Then subscribe to xyz eZine forrepparttar 144144 BOOST you need! --------------------------------------

If you have a 5 or 7 day eCourse well you have 5 or 7 ad spots. I will say this however, don't just plug in any ad. Make sure that your sponsor ad ties intorepparttar 144145 overall theme of your course. If your course is on health products and you outrepparttar 144146 blue put an ad in about travel...well you loserepparttar 144147 momentum and flow ofrepparttar 144148 course itself, your subscribers are looking at that and wondering whatrepparttar 144149 heck? Not to mention you look scattered. Keep it on topic ;o)


You can add a PS atrepparttar 144150 end of each day's lesson which could be a link to an additional resouce you have, an affiliate site or some other product. AGAIN, as with your Sponsor Ad make sure that if you are using a PS it ties in withrepparttar 144151 overall theme of your eCourse.

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