Niche Marketing : Finding JV Partners

Written by André Anthony

Joint Ventures (JVs) are one ofrepparttar most powerfull techniques you can employ to get your Niche Business up and running.

If they are done right Joint Ventures can help you start making money almost immediately online.

If you're not sure what a joint venture is, let me explain - here's how it works in very simplistic form :

* A has a product which he wants to get torepparttar 151169 market

* B has a list which targets justrepparttar 151170 right market for A's product

* A finds B and sets up a Joint Venture with B

* B promotes A's product to his list

* A and B both sharerepparttar 151171 profits from sales ofrepparttar 151172 product

It's a total win/win arrangement for them both.

But where do you findrepparttar 151173 people to JV with?

Identifying potential Joint Venture (JV) partners for your Niche Business is relatively easy online as there are so many places to locate them. Here's a few examples :

* keyword search on major search engines e.g. Google

* e-zine directories e.g. The Directory of Ezines

* business directories e.g.

* topic organized directories e.g.

To dorepparttar 151174 job properly you need to take an organised and structured approach to finding your potential JV partners. Set aside a specific amount of time each day to seek them out. Collect as much information as you can on them and collate it in a spreadsheet. The sort of information you should collect is:

* Contact information - name, email, telephone etc.

* Web site URL

* A brief description of their web site

Once you've collected a decent sized list, it's time to make contact.

>> Contacting Potential JV Partners <<

As you go through your data, you'll see that some sites contain detailed contact information, including a phone number, while others only post their email address.

You should make contact first by phone whenever possible. Not only does this approach show your sincerity, it will cut back onrepparttar 151175 time you spend waiting forrepparttar 151176 business owner to wade through all of their emails and respond to yours.

Your first phone call should be direct and personal. Make sure you have your target's website open in your browser to view as you speak to him. Your introduction should be something like this:

"Hi, this is John Doe, owner of Do you have a few moments? I'm looking at your site,, and really like what I see. It looks like our businesses have a lot in common. I think my customers would love your product, and yours might be interested in mine as well. Would you be willing to considerrepparttar 151177 possibility of teaming up to create a special offer for your customers?"

Writing for People and Search Engines

Written by Jennifer Ryan

Writing forrepparttar search engines is much different than writing in any other medium. Search engines are finicky, but they love text, so you're talking thier language. When writing your web content, it's important to to keeprepparttar 151123 following three things in mind. 1. What You Wantrepparttar 151124 Reader to Do: While writing your content, keeprepparttar 151125 overall objective ofrepparttar 151126 page in view. Think about what you wantrepparttar 151127 reader to do. Do you want them to sign up for something? Click to another page? Buy something? Visit your store? Download an e-book? Whatever it is you want them to do, keep that in mind as you write. 2. Search Engine Optimization: Rememberrepparttar 151128 search engines as you write too. Usually it's better to do a quick draft without thinking ofrepparttar 151129 search engines first, then later, come back and optimizerepparttar 151130 writing ofrepparttar 151131 page. We will get intorepparttar 151132 details of how to make your web content friendly to search engines later. For now, just remember that it's one of those things you have to keep in mind as you write your web content. 3. How people userepparttar 151133 web. Know that people do not userepparttar 151134 web like we sometimes think they do. People are more likely to briefly scan your writing rather than to dig-in and read it. Keep your content should be relevant and informational and conversational. People don't want to read a book, they want to be informed. Give themrepparttar 151135 information they crave and they'll keep coming back for more. Now that you know what to keep in mind as you write your classic web content, we are going to discussrepparttar 151136 different elements of search engine optimization. The good thing about SEO is that your page will show up atrepparttar 151137 top of search engines so that people--lots of people--will actually be able to read what you've written. What a concept! The SEO Lowdown Keywords Keywords are what drives search engines optimization. Here's how it works: * People type words intorepparttar 151138 search boxes at Google. * Google goes through allrepparttar 151139 pages it already knows about...these pages are in its database because they've been crawled and indexed beforehand. * Google delivers webpages that matchrepparttar 151140 keywordsrepparttar 151141 searcher uses to find what they're looking for. When Google comes to your page,repparttar 151142 only way they know it's good forrepparttar 151143 search is by keywords--period. More About Keywords We've already established that you need keywords woven throughoutrepparttar 151144 content ofrepparttar 151145 page, right? You also need keywords in your title. Here's a few other things to know about keyword placement in your webpage. * Do not overdo it. Don't gross people out by sticking keywords everywhere. That's not good business. Be discreet when inserting keywords in your website content (hint, hint). * If you are optimizing for a certain keyphrase, you must keeprepparttar 151146 entire phrase in tact throughoutrepparttar 151147 page content forrepparttar 151148 keyword phrase to have any affect on SEO. * The keywords you should use should be carefully picked out and are always industry and subject specific. * Optimize for one to two keywords or phrases per page, withrepparttar 151149 exception ofrepparttar 151150 homepage. Your homepage contains everything butrepparttar 151151 kitchen sink, but that's another article. * Putting your keywords in bold gives your site a boost. Headers There are up to six levels of headers in an html document. Usually as a web content writer you won't be going beyondrepparttar 151152 third or fourth header. Headers are very important to search engines. They use them to decipher page relevancy for searches. When you include keywords about your subject your article's headers, you are scoring points withrepparttar 151153 search engine crawlers. Here is an example ofrepparttar 151154 different header tags.

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