NextWest, Inc. to Exhibit NextWest PCXi and NextContact IP-based Communications Solutions at Upcoming INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Fall 2004

Written by NextWest Phone Systems

TUCSON, AZ NextWest, Inc, Booth 911, today announced it will haverepparttar latest version of its NextWest PCXi and NextContact IP-based Communications Solutions on display at its booth onrepparttar 133456 exhibit floor of TMC's INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Fall 2004, October 4-7, 2004 atrepparttar 133457 historic Millennium Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles.

INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO isrepparttar 133458 nation's premier event for showcasing leading cost-saving and cutting-edge VoIP products and services.

"NextWest's participation at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO is a primary reason why this show is widely recognized asrepparttar 133459 industry's #1 venue to test, compare, and learn aboutrepparttar 133460 benefits and cost-savings inherent in IP telephony products and services," said Rich Tehrani, TMC President and conference chairman. "We are proud to have NextWest and its NextWest PCXi and NextContact IP-based Communications Solutions as a key part of this year's program."

NextWest's PCXi IP Communications platform brings together all ofrepparttar 133461 advanced PBX features with sound, reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. NextWest's NextContact Call / Contact Center solution open'srepparttar 133462 door for full feature inbound / outbound calling while their predictive dialer & Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) modules provide best of class call blending.

"NextWest's PCXi combined with NextContact createsrepparttar 133463 most advanced fully integrated IP Communications platform available onrepparttar 133464 market, said NextWest COO Matthew Morales. "Internet Telephony Conference & Expo Fall 2004 isrepparttar 133465 perfect venue for demonstrating our quality and reliability torepparttar 133466 marketplace."

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Introducing Really Simple Syndication in ASP.NET

Written by Balaji

Introducing Really Simple Syndication in ASP.NET

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML standard for declaring content entries for small content feeds. The RSS format has gained popularity overrepparttar years due to its simplicity. The XML file formatted according torepparttar 133455 RSS specification is either found as a physical file or is obtained via a Web site that handlesrepparttar 133456 request and sendsrepparttar 133457 content overrepparttar 133458 Internet torepparttar 133459 client. The RSS format is as given below

The XML format for RSS declares thatrepparttar 133460 XML must have a root element of , which identifiesrepparttar 133461 document. This is shown inrepparttar 133462 following sample snippet. The element contains one element and then many elements that holdrepparttar 133463 element.

Most ofrepparttar 133464 elements declared byrepparttar 133465 RSS specification are optional. However, some elements need to be declared to makerepparttar 133466 code functional.

The element should containrepparttar 133467 following children: Item (at least 1) Title Link Description

The tag should containrepparttar 133468 following children: Title Link Description

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