NextWest, Inc. Announces Appointment of Richard De Soto as Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Written by NextWest, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona-- August 24, 2004– NextWest, Inc.,repparttar leading provider of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems, today announcedrepparttar 133478 appointment of Richard De Soto as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for NextWest, Inc.

In his role, De Soto will oversee all of NextWest’s Sales and Marketing efforts, including managing worldwide sales channel revenue objectives, identifying strategic direction, and engagingrepparttar 133479 sales and marketing team in identifying new business opportunities in key market segments.

De Soto has over 20 years experience inrepparttar 133480 telecom and Internet communications industry. He has held positions as a marketing and sales executive with Nortel Networks, US WEST (now Qwest) and a variety of successful startups including AltiGen, Entera, and FreeGate.

“Richard has a wealth of experience developing and executing targeted sales and marketing strategies, and we’re very excited to have him on board,” said Sarah Hightower, CEO of NextWest. “With his results-oriented attitude and demonstrated record of success, we haverepparttar 133481 greatest confidence that NextWest has gained a strong leader that can take our team torepparttar 133482 next level.”

De Soto’s startup track record includes successful IPO’s and acquisitions ranging from $25M to $440M. As Senior VP at AltiGen, a leading IP PBX company, De Soto ledrepparttar 133483 company through continual revenue growth in spite ofrepparttar 133484 economic downturn of 2001- 2003. As a direct result of that revenue growth AltiGen was named asrepparttar 133485 111th fastest growing company inrepparttar 133486 U.S. byrepparttar 133487 Deloitte Touché Fast 500 Program and asrepparttar 133488 8th largest IP PBX Company inrepparttar 133489 world by IDC.

“My goal here is clear,” DeSoto remarked. “I will position our company to berepparttar 133490 leading IP PBX and Contact Center company marketing to small to mid-size enterprises.”

NextWest NextConnect Delivers PBX Features to Branch Locations without Installing a PBX

Written by NextWest, Inc.

New Technology Enables Cost-Effective Deployment at Multiple Locations.

NextWest, Inc.,repparttar leading provider of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems, today introducedrepparttar 133477 latest addition to its PCXi IP-based PBX solution. Using a single trunk board, NextWest’s PCXi, with its newly introduced NextConnect architecture, provides 30 channel capacity for communications between headquarters and branch offices allowing businesses to implement branch locations withoutrepparttar 133478 high cost of installing separate PBX systems.

The PCXi system, already known for its powerful PBX functions, cost-effectiveness, reliability and ease of management, now brings enterprisesrepparttar 133479 capability of incrementally adding up to 30 extensions to any remote branch location with full PBX features without installing a PBX atrepparttar 133480 remote location.

The NextConnect adapter converts 30-channel format to IP for low cost transport of calls between headquarters and branch locations, making affordable branch connectivity for smaller offices possible. Additionally, multiple sites can be connected with a three digit dialing plan, taking advantage ofrepparttar 133481 lower costs of VoIP (voice over IP).VoIP capability is further enhanced by NextConnect support of both traditional and IP phones.

“We make it possible for enterprises to build their phone systems around their business, rather than their business around their phone system, as is so oftenrepparttar 133482 case,” said Matt Morales, NextWest COO. “Regardless of geography, number of employees, or number of locations, we adapt torepparttar 133483 way your business operates.”

NextConnect is uniquely designed to take advantage of traditional telephone cables, eliminatingrepparttar 133484 high costs of rewiring often associated with IP telephony systems. Working together withrepparttar 133485 NextLex extension box, NextConnect delivers affordable remote connectivity while requiring significantly less bandwidth than traditional IP.

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