Newsletters: Your Readers and You

Written by William *Wild Bill* Montgomery

Newsletters: Your Readers and You by "Wild Bill"

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One ofrepparttar 124241 Hottest Commodities on or offrepparttar 124242 Internet is "Information". In this age of technology people, more than ever want to know, and they want to learn. I imagine you yourself are reading this in hopes of clicking away with more than you started with. My job as a writer, publisher and editor is to see that you do just that.

Newsletters provide you with an outlet to a specific group of people, who subscribe and read your publication because they want you to gain specific information. It could be Business, Technical or even Travel information, but nevertheless they are reading your words for a reason. Your job is to supply your readers withrepparttar 124243 information they are looking for. This my friend is sometimes a painstaking job with little or no pay, and long hours to boot!

Newsletters are not a venture to be entered into lightly. They're not overnight successes. It sometimes takes years to build a respectable subscriber base. Cash flow is almost non-existent atrepparttar 124244 beginning and for much ofrepparttar 124245 time after that. Your newsletter is an investment in relationships, and of hard work. You must earn, gain and keep a certain amount of trust and loyalty from your readers.


If you think that you own your newsletter, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Although you really do own it, running a newsletter is much like being in a political office. You would not be there if you did not serve your constituents to their satisfaction. They will directly or indirectly dictate to you your requirements in serving them. If you fail to serve them accordingly, so shall your newsletter fail as well.


Live up torepparttar 124246 responsibility you have taken on. When your readers bestow that trust in you, there is no better way to condemn your newsletter than to violate that trust.

Your job is not necessarily to be liked, but to keep your content up torepparttar 124247 standards that your subscribers have come to expect from you. Keep your information content high and your advertising and "noise" levels low. The subject of your newsletter will of course dictaterepparttar 124248 personality of your newsletter.

5 Keys To A Succesful Ezine

Written by Al Martinovic

5 Keys To A Successful Ezine By Al Martinovic

There are 5 basic keys you need for your ezine to be successful and here they are though not necessarily in this order.

1- Hosting You need good reliable hosting for your website. You don't want to lose subscribers because your site is always down. Not only that... it's unprofessional.

Why should someone listen to what you have to say in your ezine when you can't even getrepparttar basics of having your website operational?

2- Autoresponders You want to automate everything. An autoresponder will send a confirmation email when someone subscribes. It will handle removal requests and if it has a broadcast feature you can even send out your ezine through it.

You may need multiple autoresponders as you will find that there will be many things you want automated such as when you are offering a free report, or confirmation of an ad someone placed in your ezine...repparttar 124240 list can go on and on.

3 - Tracking You may want to trackrepparttar 124241 ads you place when promoting your ezine to find out what ad(s) pull well for you and which don't. You don't want to be wasting your time on ads that don't work. When you find an ad that pulls well... go all out on it.

4 - Products As you start to grow your ezine and build a relationship with your subscribers you need to offer them products. After all... you are in this to make money.

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