Newsletter Publishing Made Easy!

Written by BB Lee

Newsletter Publishing Made Easy! By BB Lee (C)2002 ----------------------------------------------------------

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Publishing an Online Newsletter isn't easy. And, likerepparttar world beyondrepparttar 124329 Internet, you'll meet a few hostile individuals who want to make it even more difficult.

Believe me, if you are inrepparttar 124330 publishing game Online forrepparttar 124331 long run you will have to cope withrepparttar 124332 following challenges at least once. I've listed these problems in reverse order: fromrepparttar 124333 laughable torepparttar 124334 ridiculous. Let's start counting down!

7. You receive an email. The sender visited your wonderful site. They think it's great. are a few programs sure to drive traffic to your web-site like stampeding cattle. (Heh, but do I want people trampling my web-site like dumb cattle) They include 2 dozen or more affiliate programs to click on.

6. You receive an email from a new subscriber requesting his one free ad bonus for signing up. They send you a rambling, misspelled, 10 line badly formatted ad. (Spell check Please!)

5. An individual sends you an email for a Mutually Beneficial joint venture. (Yup) This Online wheeler dealer offers an ad swap. You run their full page Solo Ad and they will run your Solo Ad. But wait! After investigating you discover this individual does not have a website or newsletter. Andrepparttar 124335 email address is fake. (Beware grasshopper of strange email bearing solo gifts)

4. And a few marketing masters only want a regular ad swap up to 5 lines. After research, you discover this mastermind of con doesn’t have a newsletter to swap ads with or a website. guessed it. The email address was fake. (UMMM..eenie meanie minee NO Thanks!)

3. An African Prince, Official, or whatever, sends you an email requesting you send him your bank account number so he may transfer funds to your account. It is ofrepparttar 124336 utmost importance. This isrepparttar 124337 only way he can get his funds out ofrepparttar 124338 country and away from unscrupulous associates plotting to overthrow his regime. For this he will pay you a generous amount...thousands No Wait...Millions! (Bite Me!!!)

Formatting Your Ezine

Written by windsong

Formatting Your Ezine by windsong

One ofrepparttar common problems faced by ezine editors is being able to format their ezine so that it does not get screwed up when sent out.

So what causesrepparttar 124328 formatting information to be changed when your ezine is received by your subscribers?

There are many different email programs and they all interpretrepparttar 124329 email text they receive slightly differently. Some email programs automatically word-wrap lines at a set number of characters, others do not. Some will use a different character font and font size fromrepparttar 124330 original text.

The biggest problem an ezine editor faces is trying to compensate for different font types. A font type determines how much space a character occupies and how close it is to a neighbouring character.

Always use monospaced fonts, or fixed fonts. Otherwise, your text may tend to grow when emailed. In other wordsrepparttar 124331 line gets longer. This effect is caused because these characters, known as variable fonts, can occupy a different amount of space making fixed alignment of text very difficult. Fixed fonts all haverepparttar 124332 same amount of space.

The next thing to avoid is using tabs to align lines of text. This will cause you alignment problems. The best way around this is to always manually insertrepparttar 124333 number of spaces you require andrepparttar 124334 incidents of major formatting problems will be reduced.

When it comes to line lengths never use lines longer than 65 characters. Email programs will wrap lines at different lengths butrepparttar 124335 majority are probably set to wrap at 65. To control where your lines wrap, always use a hard break. This forcesrepparttar 124336 email program displaying your text to wrap a line at that point unlessrepparttar 124337 user has set it to a shorter length. I prefer to use a line length of 60 characters.

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