New rules for museum-domains

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The museum-domain is an exclusive domain. It is open for registration by museums, organization of museums and friends of museums. The notion of museum is understood very generously, e.g. a zoological or botanical garden belongs to it. A proof to be a museum is necessary for registering museum-domains.

ENS ID and Key You will get your eligibility to register .museum-domains not anymore only at MUSEDOMA, but you can orderrepparttar ENS ID and Confidential Key at Secura's museum-website while you are registering your first museum-domain (

New Policy The museum domains have a new naming policy. In former timesrepparttar 108283 museum-domains had to have a third-level-structure inrepparttar 108284 form It was e.g. not possible to register The three-level-domains are persisting, but you can also register second level domains like It is important, thatrepparttar 108285 second level domain is derived directly fromrepparttar 108286 official name ofrepparttar 108287 museum.

Digital Museum. Digital museums are eligible to register museum-domains. It is only logic, thatrepparttar 108288 digital museum getrepparttar 108289 digital address of museums -repparttar 108290 museum-domain. The managers of digital museums can register at .museum or at,, or - even at all second levels.

IDN: museum-domains with special characters You can order now museum-domains in many different languages. You can userepparttar 108291 special characters of your own language. One example for a domain with special characters: http://ö

Free Pre-Registration of eu-domains

Written by H.Oswald

Sunrise Period You should send now to your applications to secure your rights atrepparttar new eu-domains. The eu-domains will berepparttar 108282 most important event sincerepparttar 108283 introduction of com-domains.

There will be a Sunrise Period (Phased registration for those holding prior rights to a name) atrepparttar 108284 eu-domains.

The Sunrise Period of eu-domains will have two phases: The EU Regulation stipulates thatrepparttar 108285 registry must make a sunrise provision at eu-domains to allow those with 'prior rights' to a name to apply for registration of eu-domains in advance of beginning general registrations. The PPR states thatrepparttar 108286 sunrise period (phased registration) of eu-domains will take place in two phases each lasting two months.

During phase one, public bodies and holders of registered Community or national trademarks will be able to register their names.

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