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(Honest Title) Why Men Don’t Like Chick Flicks

Written by Martin Winer

(Honest Title) Why Men Don’t Like Chick Flicks (For those politically minded) Why Men Don’t Like Female Centric Films (For those with a penchant for subtlety) Why Men Don’t like Baby Bird Films A Case Study : ‘Notting Hill’ -- Martin C. Winer --

1) Plot inconsistencies. The plot in all female centric movies seems to center around prolonging a certain romantic uncertainty. This is usually done atrepparttar expense of logic. There are two good examples of this in Notting Hill: i) William (Hugh Grant) goes out inrepparttar 110058 morning to find a frenzy of Paparazzi outside his door. He knows this will upset his actress girlfriend Anna (Julia Roberts) but only mentions “don’t ask” when she asks him what’s going on outside. He lets her walk outside and be confronted byrepparttar 110059 same Paparazzi. This, of course, upsets Anna who wrongly accuses him of summoningrepparttar 110060 Paparazzi and causes a ‘break up’. This, in turn, provides Hugh Grant a grand opportunity to apologize (despite his innocence), setting repparttar 110061 female audience swooning andrepparttar 110062 male audience hurling. ii) William goes on a movie set where Anna is being filmed where she greets him warmly and intimates that she’d consider getting back together. Unfortunately, she’s just inrepparttar 110063 middle of a shoot so she walks off to film a scene and William is provided with a headset to hear what is going on unbeknownst to Anna. While casually preparing forrepparttar 110064 scene, a fellow actor asks Anna: “Who was that rather difficult chap (referring to Grant) you were talking to onrepparttar 110065 way up?” Anna replies: “Oh... no one... no one. Just some... guy fromrepparttar 110066 past. I don't know what he's doing here. Bit of an awkward situation.” Grant reacts negatively and leaves. When Grant asks her later as to why she would say such a thing, she

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