New Yearís resolution during the summer

Written by Kenia Morales

Many people create their New Yearís resolution right after December 31st. That is great! But, wouldnít you be interested on getting faster results? We are inrepparttar summer now. Wouldnít you like to complete your goal or advance by Christmas season? I know it will feel great, to track your own progress.

What are you waiting for? Start making your dreams a reality today whilerepparttar 145963 sun is out. Why while is still sunny? You are probably wondering. Observe summer days, arenít they inspiring? Donítrepparttar 145964 sun rays lift your spirit? Open your shades letrepparttar 145965 light in and start planning.

Playing The Numbers: Home Buying and Selling

Written by Elaine VonCannon

Inrepparttar real estate industry, creating a competitive edge is essential to buying and selling in a thriving market. To keep your competitive edge strongrepparttar 145859 power of positive thinking can help you build confidence and intention. Confidence and intention allows you to manifestrepparttar 145860 best selling price possible orrepparttar 145861 best buying price. Intention and positive thinking helps resonaterepparttar 145862 energies you want to attract symbolically, often through letters or numbers. It is like picking a lucky number;repparttar 145863 number is lucky because you invest your personal power in it. As a real estate agent, I have had extensive experience buying and selling property. I have found there is a numerical trick that can be used to increase your positive thinking and your power of manifestation. It is a simple way to build confidence and a strong belief in your self, which leads to completing a successful real estate transaction.

Unlock Your Potential

The real estate game of lucky numbers I have created and tested is loosely based andrepparttar 145864 ancient practice of numerology. For potential homebuyers attempting to makerepparttar 145865 perfect offer on a new property you must takerepparttar 145866 number ofrepparttar 145867 property address and add it until it becomes a single digit. For example: 123 Main Street becomes 1 + 2 + 3, which equals 6. The symbolic number ofrepparttar 145868 home you want to purchase is 6. Once you knowrepparttar 145869 price range ofrepparttar 145870 home you make an offer that also resonates torepparttar 145871 symbolic number of 6. For example: $123,000 or $330,000 or even $510,000. Each of these numbers, when adding allrepparttar 145872 digits together, resonates torepparttar 145873 single digit 6. This same method can be used for sellers. When you have completed a CMA onrepparttar 145874 home you intend to sell and knowrepparttar 145875 appraised price forrepparttar 145876 property you takerepparttar 145877 symbolic number ofrepparttar 145878 home address and resonate it withrepparttar 145879 price you put it onrepparttar 145880 market for. For example: 57 Broadway Ave. becomes 5 + 7, which equals 12. You then add 1 + 2 andrepparttar 145881 symbolic number ofrepparttar 145882 home is 3. Once you knowrepparttar 145883 value ofrepparttar 145884 home you choose a selling price that harmonizes withrepparttar 145885 number 3. For example: $210,000 or $750,000.

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